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Animal Feed

The aim of the Animal Feed sector is to improve the competitive position of AIC Member Companies within the agri supply industry. James McCulloch Head of the Animal Feed Sector and Inge Verwoerd Technical Manager for feed and FAR (Feed Adviser Register) work with George Perrott and Judith Nelson in the Animal Feed Sector.


Legislation, Guidance and Codes of Practice

Summaries and links are provided to EU and UK legislation, guidance and codes of practice controlling the animal feed industry.


  • Compound feed production
  • Raw material usage

  • Self-sufficiency

  • Livestock numbers

  • Family Food 2016/17

Current Topics

AIC Feed Sector is dealing with a very wide range of issues on behalf of members. The Current Topics section is intended to headline those issues which are requiring most attention as a result of industry, political, legislative or media focus.

Feed and the Environment

  • Soya
  • Former Foodstuffs - UKFFPA
  • Fishmeal
  • Palm Oil


AIC has a website dedicated to Brexit providing a wide range of useful information, including regular briefings, meeting reports, sector priorities and links to information from other organisations and stakeholders.


The European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation.

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