Following consultation with Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland, the major trade associations representing the UK feed industry (AIC, BAFSAM, BETA, PFMA) have agreed to publish a Register of feed material notifications on the Internet and update the Register on a regular basis.

The Register will consist of the English language entries that were listed on the EU Register of Feed Materials as at 1st January 2021. This Register will not be published immediately as both industry partners and regulators have agreed that the contents should be reviewed prior to publication.

However, it is now possible for businesses to access, and complete, a Notification Form via the link on the home page of the website:

UK legislation requires that the person 'who, for the first time, places on the market a feed material that is not listed in the Catalogue shall immediately notify its use to the representatives of the UK feed business sectors'. The completion of the Notification Form therefore fulfils this legal requirement. The home page of the website also carries a comprehensive guidance document on the notification process.

The 'Catalogue' referred to above is retained EU Commission Regulation (EU) No 2017/1017 introducing the third update of the EU Catalogue of Feed Materials.

Northern Ireland

The GB Register of Feed Materials is a list of feed materials that are notified by UK feed business operators for placing on the GB market.

The EU law that applies to Northern Ireland is specified in Annex ll to the Northern Ireland Protocol Revised Protocol to the Withdrawal Agreement. This means that any business seeking to notify a new feed material for placing on the Northern Ireland market will have to continue to follow EU rules.

Businesses wishing to notify a new feed material for placing on the Northern Ireland or EU markets, can do so at the following link:

Any questions regarding the management of the online register may be sent to [email protected]. Please note that questions related to the legislation should be addressed to the relevant authorities.

Links to the GB Feed Materials Register website will be placed on both FSA and FSS websites with some explanatory text.

The feed industry associations and FSA and FSS have committed to establishing a working group tasked with reviewing the content of the GB Register with a view to publishing the reviewed Register in early 2023.


GB Feed Materials Register website

Businesses wishing to access, and complete, a Notification Form can use the link on this website.