AIC Board and Structure

AIC has a number of full time employees and part time consultants that work on behalf of members. 

The organisation is managed by the senior managers within AIC and the Board.

Overall responsibility for the whole function of the AIC, approving actions and decisions of the whole organisation.

Within AIC, each sector is managed by a Sector Head who is responsible for managing and co-ordinating the sector budget and sector priorities in conjunction with the sector committees. Further details for each sector can be found below.


Animal Feed

The aim of the Animal Feed sector is to improve the competitive position of AIC Member Companies within the agri supply industry.

Crop Protection

The Crop Protection Sector supports Members interests by lobbying and supplying information on technical, transport and storage issues as well as other initiatives that could affect the long term sustainability of farming and hence Members businesses.


Fertiliser feeds the plants that make our food

Grain and Oilseed

The work of the Arable Crop Marketing Sector is geared to representing the interests of Members with Defra and other government and non-government bodies and organisations.


AIC policy work falls into two main categories, environmental policy and external policy, covering a range of issues from future farming, innovation and productivity to agri-climate and food chain sustainability.

AIC Services

AIC Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of AIC and responsible for managing the trade assurance schemes and additional services to aic members and trade assurance participants. The organisation is managed by the Managing Director and the Board of AIC Services. The services that AIC Services offers are:

  • Trade Assurance Schemes
  • AIC Helpline
  • Conferences and Events
  • Training
  • Contracts, Arbitration & Insurance
  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental Services 

More information about AIC Services can be found here: AIC Services

Overall responsibility for the whole function of the AIC Services, approving actions and decisions of the organisation.