Trade Assurance Schemes



Providing safe feed and food is essential to ensure that the risk of a food or feed ‘incident’ is minimised. A complex web of supply chains combine to achieve this and the Agricultural Industries Confederation’s (AIC) feed trade assurance schemes form a vital part of the ’assured chain’ which minimises risk.

The AIC assurance schemes are designed for:

  • Feed compounders
  • Feed ingredient suppliers
  • Fertiliser manufacturers
  • Agricultural merchants
  • Seed processors
  • Biofuel producers

However, many other businesses are eligible to participate including: hauliers, storekeepers, ports, shipping operators, and testing facilities.

All the schemes are operated by independent certification bodies under current accreditation from UKAS (United Kingdom Assurance Service). Membership of these schemes can be separate to, or included with, AIC membership. Contact PAI Ltd for more details about scheme membership.