About the sector

Formed in 1875 as The Chemical Manure Manufacturers Association and renamed The Fertiliser Manufacturers Association in 1904, the FMA merged with two other agri-trade bodies to form AIC in 2003. AIC’s Fertiliser Sector represents over 95% of the UK’s agricultural fertiliser supply industry. It seeks to support its members’ interests through providing a comprehensive lobbying, advice and statistics service, sharing technical, transport and storage information and promoting fertiliser security to help maintain a vibrant and growing sector. We identify, assess and communicate national and international issues that might impact on the competitiveness of the industry and which could affect the sustainability of farming and UK food production. 


Our Objectives

The aim of the fertiliser sector is to improve the competitive position of AIC member companies within the agri supply industry. This is achieved by the sector through following a number of objectives including :

  •  Acting as the voice of the fertiliser sector
  • Lobbying
  • Delivering Information
  • Providing Trade Assurance
  • Offering Technical Support
  • Collaboration and sector representation with other stakeholders


AIC provides a united voice for the fertiliser industry in the UK within both UK and European Governments.  Our work and commitment to the UK fertiliser sector adds value to your business and provides many key benefits including:

  • Providing you with a powerful voice at UK and European level.
  • Giving you a view over the legislative horizon, allowing you to plan long term and get ahead of the game.
  • Ensuring UK and European legislation and guidelines properly take account of and reflect UK fertiliser business needs and concerns.
  • Giving you a say in the decision making process through access to national committees and regional meetings.
  • Access to trading and commercial information, national and international fertiliser statistics.
  • Free technical and legal advice, industry standards and guidelines.
  • A say in the management of Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme (FIAS).
  • Tailored, business specific training and updates in association with FACTS.
  • Networking opportunities with competitor businesses, giving you the opportunity to discuss non- competitive issues affecting your company.

The work of the AIC Fertiliser Sector

Latest news and briefings

Legislation and Guidance

This section outlines the scope of the fertiliser legislation that applies to the manufacture, sale and supply of fertiliser in the United Kingdom. It also provides a link to this legislation and relevant guidance notes. It cannot cover every situation and it may be necessary for fertiliser business operators to consider the legislation itself to see how it applies in their particular circumstances. However, it should help companies understand their legal requirements.



Food and the Environment

There is an ever increasing focus on the environmental impact of food and AIC provides support for members on the environmental policies affecting...



UK Fertiliser Consumption Trends and Statistics


Fertiliser Security

If you store or handle fertiliser, you must secure it to prevent it from being stolen. This covers a range of people from importers and manufacturers to hauliers and agricultural contractors.


Safety Data Sheets

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations 2002 require employers to make COSHH assessments.

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All AIC contracts are kept under regular review by the AIC Contracts Committee in conjunction with the appropriate sector.



The AIC Fertiliser Sector consists of a number of committees. Each committee and working group has specific aims and objectives in line with the aims and objectives of the sector. The minutes of each committee and working group are published on the website so members can be fully involved in all of the technical discussions.


What is Fertiliser?

Plants, just like humans, need food to live. For plants, food is called fertiliser which can come from many sources including animal (eg, manure), vegetable (eg compost) and mineral.

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Trade Assurance Schemes

FIAS logo

FIAS - Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme

Provides an assurance system to ensure that the security, safety and traceability of fertilisers meet the requirements defined by legislators and industry.