Using a Registered Feed Adviser

Access to professional advice is becoming more important. Government is looking to address the environmental impacts of farming and understanding at farm level is key. Feed advisers are the principle route of contact with livestock farmers and going onto farm they play a vital role in sharing messages with farmers and staff working on livestock farms. Providing farmers with the best possible advice, working towards optimal nutrition intake and signposting to Government documents on environmental matters is paramount. The development of the Environmental Land Management (ELMS) scheme will require farmers to obtain professional advice and the FAR training programme provides candidates with the knowledge to offer this professional advice.

UK agriculture, including the feed sector, has given commitments to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions. FAR already forms part of the feed sectors response to this and a useful tool to demonstrate to Government that the feed sector is taking wider emission reduction targets seriously.

The Feed Adviser Register helps demonstrate to customers, government, industry and stakeholders that the feed sector understands the effect of feeding management on the environmental performance of the farm, is acting responsibly and is involved at the very centre of UK farm animal production.

This initiative places the feed sector in a position of strength demonstrating the steps that the sector has taken to adapt to arising political, environmental and market pressures. Equally, there are benefits for individual members as they receive independent recognition at a national level, for their commitment to professional conduct and standards. These credentials are transferrable, support career development and reputation, and enable individuals to distinguish themselves from others not on the Register.

The main objectives for feed advisers within FAR is to provide quality feed advice, consider production efficiency, and reduce environmental emissions in the livestock sector.

To cover the range of factors involved, the FAR Core Modules and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) give a comprehensive training and qualification framework for those involved in on-farm advice.

Find a Feed Adviser tool

This is a new initiative whereby livestock producers can search for feed companies with registered advisers within their area.