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Guidance and resources on EU Exit

Sustainability Roadmap

AIC’s Roadmap for a sustainable food chain.


Guidance for the agri-supply industry.

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Latest publications

AIC Journal Quarter 4 Winter 2021

Covers the latest Agribusiness Conference as well as some of the key campaigns AIC has been working on.

AIC Annual Report and Financial Statements 2020/2021

AIC’s Annual Report summarises some of the work that AIC and AIC Services has covered on behalf of our members, participants and stakeholders behalf. It is a snap shot of the policy work the organisations has carried out by agri-supply sector and service.

Find a Feed Adviser

This is a new initiative whereby livestock producers can search for feed companies with registered advisers within their area.



There are many AIC members and Trade Assurance participants who are in, or deal with, the transport industry.