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AIC sets out agrisupply industry needs ahead of European Elections

15 May 2019

The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) has published a series of key issues facing the agrisupply industry ahead of the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament. The document lays out the key areas of policy and what needs to be delivered for the future of agriculture in the UK.

In summary it calls upon MEPs to: 

  • Deliver continuing growth in productivity of UK agriculture 
  • Develop an innovative regulatory approach to encourage agriculture and food/feed production
  • Recognise value of professional advice to farmers in delivering the EU’s sustainable production goals
  • Develop a coherent strategy on science and innovation 
  • Facilitate investment in capacity and capability to measure change in agricultural practices

Robert Sheasby, Chief Executive of AIC, said: “This is an opportunity to raise the profile of some key issues which should be exercising the minds of politicians in this country and Europe in order to ensure the continued success of UK agriculture. 

“Against the background of environmental challenges which we are all aware of, we need an innovative approach to regulation, and a coherent strategy which takes into the account the science and recognises the value of professional advice to farmers.”


Note to Editors 

A copy of the full document is attached.

Further information
Paul Rooke, AIC