03 Dec 2021

AIC Services Palm Oil Credit Scheme - APOCS

AIC Services Palm Oil Credit Scheme (APOCS) was launched in conjunction with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) to purchase palm oil credits on behalf of AIC members and support sustainable supply chains. Documents related to the scheme are available here.

AIC Credits Trademark license number:  8-0209-18-000-00.  Check our progress at www.rspo.org

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APOCS Purchasing Procedure

Members only

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Useful Links

The links below are directed to useful background information on the RSPO website.

https://www.rspo.org/rspo-credits Information on how Credits work to encourage production of sustainable palm oil.

https://rspo.org/palmtrace How Palm oil is sold & traceability maintained – how Palm Trace works. Information & video and current market information.

www.rspo.org Main website with information on how palm oil is produced, sustainability issues and the work of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

https://www.rspo.org/about/sustainable-palm-oil Background information and video about the uses of palm oil and how the organisation works 


“ RSPO Sustainable Palm Oil Toolkit for Kids!The kit includes an educational booklet about palm oil and sustainability, a palm oil supply chain activity, and a downloadable colouring book featuring wildlife from oil palm producing countries. A useful information resource.”

https://www.rspo.org/certification/how-rspo-certification-works Information on RSPO Certification

https://www.rspo.org/certification/supply-chains RSPO supply chains - information on different types of supply chain for palm oil – Identity Preserved (IP), Segregated (SG), Mass Balance (MB) and the Credit or Book & Claim system that AIC Services APOCS administers for its members.

https://rspo.org/key-documents/certification/rspo-supply-chain-certification Downloadable document - “Everything you need to know about Palm Oil”. A good overview. Note “Book and Claim” is now known as “RSPO Credits”.