22 Mar 2023
by Simon Williams

Trade Assurance Checker API launched to enhance supply chain due diligence process


Members and assurance scheme Participants can take advantage of a powerful and cost-effective new digital service launched by AIC Services to help them quickly and accurately check the assurance status of their suppliers.

The newly-developed application programming interface (API) means businesses can now integrate AIC Services' well-used Trade Assurance Checker search tool into their own systems, allowing a more convenient search that is always up to date.

The API allows companies to check the "live" status of their agri-supply chain Participants, meaning they can easily find out if a supplier is certified, suspended, or withdrawn, helping to streamline and enhance the supply chain due diligence process.

This means a business can make procurement decisions on an ongoing basis because the information used is constantly updated.

Powerful business tool

Simon Williams, AIC Services Technical Manager, said: "This new offering from AIC is a powerful tool which we anticipate being popular among our Members, Scheme Participants, and other businesses with an interest in agri-supply assurance.

The API makes it possible to search in real-time exactly the same data as is available on the main AIC website, and return data in a format that can be more easily integrated into an organisation's IT systems.

The API covers trade assurance Participants of the Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops (TASSC), Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS), Feed Material Assurance Scheme (FEMAS), Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme (FIAS), and European Seed Treatment Assurance Scheme (ESTA).

Register for free webinar

For further details, including technical information, pricing, and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit AIC’s website

A webinar introducing the API and its applications will be hosted by AIC Services at 14:30 on 12 April 2023.

Click below to register for the free AIC Services webinar hosted on Zoom.

Any businesses, AIC Members and non-Members, interested in gaining access to the Trade Assurance Checker API should visit the AIC website for a full list of charges, or contact Simon Williams by emailing [email protected].

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Simon Williams

Simon Williams

Technical Manager, AIC Services

Simon Williams is Technical Manager for AIC Services. He is based at AIC Head Office, Peterborough and is responsible for the management and coordination of the FEMAS and UFAS assurance schemes as well as being the key contact for mutual recognition with European scheme owners and managing Earned Recognition relationships with UK feed and food competent authorities.

Previous to his role with AIC, Simon was employed in a variety of technical roles in the food industry covering primary and further processing of meat, breakfast cereals and a product technologist role with a major retailer.

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