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AIC disappointment at CIPC withdrawal

25 June 2019

AIC is extremely disappointed that the Commission has decided not to renew the approval of chlorpropham (CIPC). The implementing regulation has been published in theOfficial Journal and comes into force on 8 July. 

This announcement follows on from a discussion and vote at the EU Phytopharmaceutical Appeal Committee on 11 April, which left the decision on non-renewal with the Commission.

Any grace period for sale, supply, storage and use has not yet been set for the UK.

AIC had worked with industry stakeholders to highlight to UK Minsters, and EU Commissioners the importance of chlorpropham in UK and EU potato production.

Chlorpropham, applied to prevent potatoes sprouting during storage, is a valuable tool to reduce potato losses in store as well as reducing need to remove sprouts thus minimising peeling waste.

Chlorpropham is also used as a herbicide in salad, onion, leek, herb and ornamental crops where its weed spectrum and residual activity on soils with high organic matter are particularly valuable. 

“The withdrawal of chlorpropham now means that agronomists have very limited options to recommend to farmers for potato storage, as well as fewer options for weed control in high value crops” said Hazel Doonan, Head of Crop Protection and Agronomy Sector, Agricultural Industries Confederation. 


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Geoff Dodgson
07710 379561