Training and skills development (Continuing Professional Development or CPD) and its contribution towards sustainable growth, the economy and wider society are high on both the agricultural industry and government agenda.  The AIC Value of Advice report and summary leaflet showcases the investment made by AIC members in on-going training for professional advisers, as well as the significant investment each year in R&D which underpins technical advice.

Independent CPD schemes

Advisers continuously renew their skills and knowledge in order to meet the needs of farmers to respond to constant and changing commercial and legislative pressures and a requirement to increase productivity, whilst at the same time protecting the environment and animal welfare. Independent CPD schemes exist to provide quality assurance and the accreditation of advice that is delivered on-farm. 

Advanced Training Partnerships

In 2011 the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) Advanced Training Partnerships (ATPs) were developed to provide professional development in the area of agriculture and food production for a large number of industry specialists across the UK. Collaboration between training providers and industry partners aim to ensure that high level skills relevant to crops, livestock and food are employed throughout the development pipeline. The ATPs will help ensure that research done by highly skilled scientists can benefit farmers by being translated into new technologies, practices and advice that they can use on a commercial scale.

For AIC members there is funding available through the four ATPs to support the development of knowledge and skills within your technical and advisory teams. Participants can select a combination of courses to suit business and personal development needs, which are all accredited by professional bodies. The ‘Guide to training levels’ shows how different training schemes including FACTS and BASIS sit alongside ATPs and the wider education and training framework.


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