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Achieving Farm Nutrient Balance

This is AIC’s first sustainability roadmap. It is to inform members, policy-makers and stakeholders, of where we have come - but more importantly what our 2050 goals are. We have aligned our thinking with those sustainability goals which we can influence. This is a live document, and we would welcome input into its successful implementation. 

Roadmap Timeline


  • Agri-supply roadmap for a sustainable food chain
  • Together we can build a sustainable food chain
  • Detailed Commentary
  • Farm Inputs – The story so far:
    • Business
    • Social 
    • Production 
    • Distribution
    • Circular Economy 
    • AIC & Haulage Partnership Achievements 
  • Adviser and Farmer Partnership Achievements:
    •  Farm/Land Management
    • Product Assurance 
    • Farm Services 

We look forward to building this web resource over time for the benefit of members and stakeholders. Please help us to develop it with your ideas.