22 Jul 2020
by Jane Salter

AIC Roadmap - Agri-supply roadmap for a sustainable food chain


  • Agri-supply roadmap for a sustainable food chain
  • Together we can build a sustainable food chain
  • Detailed Commentary
  • Farm Inputs – The story so far:
    • Business
    • Social 
    • Production 
    • Distribution
    • Circular Economy 
    • AIC & Haulage Partnership Achievements 
  • Adviser and Farmer Partnership Achievements:
    •  Farm/Land Management
    • Product Assurance 
    • Farm Services 

We look forward to building this web resource over time for the benefit of members and stakeholders. Please help us to develop it with your ideas.

Click below to view the report online.

To download a PDF copy of the report, click below.

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Jane Salter

Jane Salter

Head of Environment Policy, AIC

Jane Salter, Head of Environment Policy, is responsible for management and co-ordination of agriculture and environmental matters for the fertiliser sector, and AIC's Cross Sector environmental matters.

Previous to her role with AIC, Jane gained a Bsc (Hons) in Crop Technology and Resource Management (Bath, Cirencester). She joined the Fertiliser Manufacturers Association in 1994, taking several roles, in agriculture and communications and as deputy director general, up until the creation of AIC in 2003.

[email protected]
01733 385272

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