20 Jan 2017

Practical guidance for farmers in support of the aims of FAR

Before viewing the presentation for module 3, section 2, it is worth familiarising yourself with the free tools and guidance available for farmers and their advisers. These have been compiled or gathered by AIC and partners on one website: ‘Tried & Tested’. This was set up 6 years ago to support the Industry in becoming increasingly efficient in nutrient management on farms – animal feeding being part of the whole nutrient cycle.

Throughout the presentation, references to the key items on this website are highlighted in red. Please encourage farmers to order these directly, by phoning the Tried & Tested helpline 02476 858 896 or make use of the publications, pdf files etc. yourselves. 

Guidance on manures management in housing, stores, and in field application:

Think Manures

Guidance on managing soils, soil analysis, and contact details for soil labs:

Sampling guidance

Soil laboratories

General planning tools:

Feed planning for cattle and sheep

Nutrient Management Plan updated 2019

Tractor cab cards (check lists)

Further guidance on managing soil:

Think soils

Grassland soils guide

Soils Guidance, Scotland

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