02 Aug 2023

FIAS 2021 Standard, Online Version

The FIAS Standard may be accessed online, and downloaded as a PDF document for offline use or for printing. Online and downloaded, the document contains active links to websites and appendices.

Notes on searching the online document

The online document has a new search tool that can search across all of the different sections of the FIAS standard. When typing in a search term all of the words matching the term in the current section will be expanded and highlighted. You will also see the total number of matches across the entire document.

FIAS search 01.png


The table of contents will also show how many matches there are in each section of the document. So, in the example below, there are 9 in the General Requirements section and 2 in the Appendicies. Clicking on either of the section headings will expand and highlight the search results for that section.

FIAS search 02.png