26 Apr 2023

FAR Case Study Poultry - William Reckitt, ABN

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Key outcomes of feed advice

  1. Reduced waste
  2. Increased welfare
  3. Increased profitability

Background and area of expertise

Will attended the University of Hull where he gained his BSc in Economics. He took on a role as Accounts manager at ABN providing feed advice to broiler and breeder farms across the whole of the UK.


Give an example of how your feed advice has made a measurable difference

With the support of ABN’s commercial and technical teams (who are all FAR registered), Will is able to provide a wide ranging support to an industry where tight margins means that small differences can really count. Recently Will has carried out some work with a number of broiler customers in the North West to identify some ongoing issues. By using a combination of coccidiostat (anti parasite prevention) rotation, feed additives and managing whole wheat levels Will has helped a number of sites achieve a substantial uplift in European Poultry Efficiency Factor (EPEF), going from low-mid 300s to within touching distance of 400.


What difference does FAR make to you and your customers?

FAR status is a hall mark of quality. It’s a signal to farmers that you know what you’re talking about and are keeping up with the latest developments in the industry. The continuous improvement that comes from the regular modules ensure an advisors knowledge is ready for the new challenges that appear on farm.


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