08 Oct 2021

Driver CPC Training

  • JAUPT approved
  • Remote or in person
  • Certificate of qualification provided
  • Fees apply

TASCC and FIAS Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) courses delivered by Kiwa Training have been approved by Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) and are each recognised as one of the required training days to meet with legislation. 

The TASCC CPC course is designed to follow the TASCC Haulage Code of Practice and provide information on driver safety at intake/outloading sites.  

The FIAS CPC course is based on the FIAS standard including the background to fertiliser transport and the requirements for safety, security and record keeping throughout distribution. 

Completion of the course may be used as evidence of training at your TASCC or FIAS audit. Courses can be held remotely, organised at convenient training venues near you or at your company’s own premises. 

Contact: Kiwa Training on 01423 878 875 or email [email protected]  

Further information about courses run by other Driver CPC providers can be found on the AIC website - https://www.agindustries.org.uk/transport/training/ 


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