27 Jul 2016

BRC Voluntary Module 9

What is Voluntary Module 9?

Module 9 – Management of Foods Materials for Animal Feed- is an additional voluntary module to the BRC Global Standards for Food Safety. It fills the gap in the supply chain by providing assurance between the food manufacturer and the animal feed processor.

The purpose of the module is to uphold the highest standards of safety and ensure compliance with legislation right across the supply chain. Importantly the new module recognises that surplus foodstuffs are not waste, but a valuable feed material.

Who does it apply to?

The new module is applicable to food manufacturers whose primary output is food products for human consumption. It covers all food products and by-products of food production that are supplied, directly or indirectly, to animal feed processors and on to the animal feed industry.

What are the benefits of the module?

This voluntary module fills a gap in the chain of assurance between the food manufacture and the former foodstuffs processor and significantly reduces the need for audits of the food manufacturer by certified animal feed processors. This delivers increased confidence in the supply chain and reduces audit costs and time for the manufacturer.

How do I get involved?

More details on implementing this voluntary module are available from BRC or from AIC using the contacts below:


James McCulloch

James McCulloch

Head of Animal Feed, AIC

[email protected]
01733 385253

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BRC Global Standards
Email: [email protected] www.brcglobalstandards.com

Understanding Voluntary Module 9 - Management of Food Materials for Animal Feed webinar

Auditors and certification bodies who want to audit against this module are required to complete this webinar training and the associated exam prior to conducting audits against it.

The webinar is now available for you to view on demand, and the supplementary document referred to during the webinar to support this module can be found below.  


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