28 Oct 2022
by David Moss

Associate Membership Q&As


Q: How much does the FAR Associate Membership cost?

A: £75 plus VAT per annum


Q: I am already a FAR member can I take the FAR Game Feed Module?

A: Yes. Please contact Carolynn Palasiuk [email protected] who can set up your access


Q: Can I give advice on all species after completing the FAR Game Feed Module?

A: No. Once you have successfully completed the FAR Game Feed Module you are only allowed to give Game Feed advice.


Q: How long does the module take to complete?

A: Each section is about 30-35mins long and S7 takes about 20 mins or so. So in total about 2-2.5 hours.


Q: Do I have to complete all 7 sections on one go?

A: No. Each time you leave the module as long as you click on ‘Exit’ before you close the browser it will retain your position for your next log in.


Q: How do I become a FAR Associate Member?

A: By completing a FAR application form here.


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David Moss

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