14 Apr 2022
by David Moss

Animation video to explain the UK Former Foods Processors Association (UKFFPA)


AIC Services has developed a short 3 minute animated video which explains the UK Former Foods Processors Association (UKFFPA) and its role in supporting a sustainable UK agri-food supply chain. It is one in a suite of animated videos across each of the AIC sectors, which are available to view on the AIC website.

The animation explains the work the UKFFPA members undertake, the role UKFFPA plays in reducing waste with a waste less use more ethos promoting a circular economy.

The animation also explains how the UKFFPA members take former foods from UK food manufacturers and create animal feed products that are highly nutritious and safe feed for UK livestock.

The animation goes on to show how the animal feed products produced by the UKFFPA members have recently acquired Global Feed Lifecycle Assessment Institute (GFLI) verified carbon footprint scoring showing significant reduction in a farms environmental footprint when using former foods within their animal feed.

The animation can be viewed and downloaded from the UKFFPA homepage:



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David Moss

David Moss

Technical Manager, AIC Services

Project management and technical projects. Areas include animal feed, feed adviser register, stakeholder management and health & safety. Secretariat for a number of feed sector committees including the UKFFPA (United Kingdom Former Foodstuffs Processors Association).


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