26 Oct 2021

AIC Journal Extract - Proposed expansion of feed sources

The EU has approved legislation permitting the feeding of pig-processed animal protein to poultry and poultry-processed animal protein to pigs, along with ruminant gelatine, collagen, and protein derived from insects to pigs and poultry.

AIC supports further discussion with UK control authorities around bringing forward a similar legislative proposal to the UK, with all the necessary controls and safety considerations relating to the use of processed animal protein (PAP) in animal feed diets.

We have outlined the following position:

1.   To support the use of insect protein in pig and poultry feeds. Insect protein has considerable potential for animal feed. To realise this potential, the retained EU legislation needs amending in order to allow insect protein to be fed to pigs and poultry (it is currently only authorised for pets and fish).

2.   Support for the use of former food products containing ruminant gelatine in non-ruminant feeds.

3.   Any legislative change to the permitted use of pig and poultry PAP only with the following considerations:

  •       The acceptance of this practice by all food chain partners and stakeholders.
  •       The willingness of all operators to comply with the legal requirements and to bear the costs.
  •       The competitiveness of pig and poultry PAPs.
  •       The fitness of analytical control tools and interpretation of results.

AIC Journal, Quarter 3, Autumn 2021