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Welcome to AIC Business Insight

Keep up-to-date and protect your business by using this site to find out the latest news, features and factsheets on employment and health and safety legislation. For help with your specific business issues, don't forget you can save time and money by using the Croner Business Support Helpline for expert advice and guidance. Or book a free compliance healthcheck from Croner who will help you identify any potential areas of risk and recommend practical solutions to meet your needs and budget.

Dedicated AIC/Croner website - regularly updated to inform and help you manage your policies.

Business Support Helpline  - regularly updated to inform and help you manage your policies

Health Check - Croner will provide a complimentary visit to a participating organisation's site to make an initial assessment of the company's health and safety, and employment requirements.

Email Briefings - regular up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your inbox.

Business insight Magazine - the twice yearly newsletter containing the latest legislation, training opportunities, prosecutions and case studies.

AIC Feed Sector Health and Safety Forum - the AIC Feed Sector Health and Safety Forum provides a platform for discussion regarding Health and Safety issues for the animal feed sector.

Further information on AIC Business Insight or how to join contact: Gill Barrow: or direct line 01733 385274.