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European Union

Ever since the foundation of the European Economic Community in the late 1950’s, EU agriculture has been heavily influenced by a regulatory framework developed principally at a European level.  The Common Agricultural Policy is one of the oldest, largest and financially most significant of the common policies developed in Brussels but today, agricultural production is influenced by a much wider range of EU institutions than just DG Agriculture.

Whilst historically the European Commission has been the main focus of industry attention, the outcome of the Lisbon Treaty, which came into force in 2009, has given the EU Parliament a much enhanced position in the determination of legislation and the direction of future policy.

In order to ensure our interests are being both promoted and defended within the European arena, AIC has membership of four EU trade organisations as well as a working relationship with a number of other bodies.  Membership of these organisations spans the interest of all AIC sectors and AIC aims to take as active a role as possible in their work programmes.

This site contains links to the European Institutions, AIC’s EU Trade Bodies and other relevant organisations.