17 Aug 2020

European Fertiliser Blenders Association (EFBA)

The European Fertiliser Blenders Association (EFBA) is the main European representative organisation for blended fertilisers, founded in June 1993.

EFBA membership comprises of one national member state representative organisation from each country of the Union responsible for the representation of the producers of compound blended fertiliser.

EFBA aims to:

  • Represent the common interests of fertiliser blenders at European government level.
  • Exchange knowledge and information on fertilisers.
  • Perform common actions to improve the quality of blended fertilisers.
  • Carry out studies in order to optimise economical and technical handling.

EFBA publishes a handbook on fertiliser blends, available in three languages (English, French, German).

In addition, EFBA has drawn up standards for correct grain sizes for quality blends.