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AIC Brexit Briefings

AIC BREXIT Briefing No6 November 2017

2904kb PDF

The 6th note in this series looks at the recent demand that both parties need to put prosperity ahead of politics and reviews some of the attempts from AIC to get this message across in the EU as well as the UK.

AIC BREXIT Briefing No5 August 2017

163kb PDF

The 5th note in this series looks at some of the headline issues of the last few weeks as well as focussing on some of the detail which is now being discussed with officials.

AIC Manifesto 2017

309kb PDF

AIC’s Election manifesto. We call on the government to deliver a Brexit that recognises the strategic importance of UK agriculture. This manifesto sets out our aspirations for EU exit negotiations as well as our priorities for UK domestic policy.

NPA election manifesto – A Fair Deal for British Pig Farmers

2156kb PDF

The national Pig Association have set out their priorities for the Election with a focus on fair outcomes for the sector, Trade, Regulation, Labour and Support for the industry all feature prominently in their manifesto.

AIC BREXIT Briefing No4 March 2017

160kb PDF

As work continues on preparing for Brexit, the complexity of the process becomes ever more apparent; not just for government, but also for industry sectors. Agriculture is no exception, which is why AIC and a number of like-minded organisations involved in farm advice, trading and knowledge exchange – are developing a coalition approach. Together we represent an unrivalled breadth of expertise and one-on-one farmer contact at the practical, rather than theoretical level.

AIC BREXIT Briefing No3 December 2016

151kb PDF

Recent weeks have seen AIC invited to a range of high level meetings including those with Defra and DexEU ministers. It is encouraging that we are recognised as a trade body with views and expertise needed as Brexit preparations get under way.

AIC BREXIT Briefing No2 September 2016

540kb PDF

Since our first Brexit Briefing (July 2016) AIC has been fully engaged to establish a firm foundation on which to build our case for protecting the interests of the agrisupply industry. This briefing reflects the priorities which the individual sectors have developed over the past few weeks.

AIC BREXIT Briefing No1 July 2016

437kb PDF

This is the first of a series of communications designed to keep AIC Members informed about the rapidly evolving situation, particularly as it applies to the Agricultural Supply Industry and therefore the future prospects for your business.