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Members Brexit Briefings

BR19-023 Brexit timetable - as it currently stands!: 10 September 2019

With the prorogation of Parliament now having taken place (which it always does at this time of year but not for so long and, certainly, in less interesting times!) it is worth trying to set out what “should” be the dates to be aware of over the next few weeks: | Tuesday 10 th September: Parliament no longer sitting – ahead of party conference season and new Queen’s Speech.  Much of the legislation going through the parliamentary process, including the Trade and Agriculture Bills, is unlikely to be carried over into the next Parliament and will therefore need to be re-presented or submitted afresh after 14 th October.  The same would apply to the draft Environment Bill which had yet to be debated.

BR19-022 Recap of the Week – non-political items: 6 September 2019

AIC has been involved in a number of meetings over the past week concerning different aspects of Brexit planning and which can be summarised below.

BR19-021 Business Association Grants for Brexit Preparedness: 4 September 2019

The Government has announced an amount of funding directed towards business organisations and trade bodies – not individual businesses.

BR19-020 Brexit Update and Useful Background: 22 August 2019

Ahead of the EU Referendum in 2016, AIC produced a briefing for members which tried to take an objective view of some of the agriculturally related issues which were being debated in a political environment and for which there was often more heat than light.

BR19-019 Government No-Deal preparations ramping up again: 12 August 2019

With summer holidays appearing to be cancelled within the government machinery (at least for some officials and special advisers), there are signs that no-deal preparations are seeing an increased level of activity which, it has to be assumed, will only continue as we move towards 31 st October.

BR19-018 New Government – New Approach?: 25 July 2019

With a new Prime Minister and a new Government being put into place over the next day or two, the main question to be answered is how big a change in direction does all of this signal. In terms of 31 st October, as many people have pointed out, the parliamentary arithmetic remains the same (indeed the Govt majority is now even smaller following a suspension earlier this week).

BR19-017 Brexit end date now 31st October – for now!: 11 April 2019

As expected EU leaders have agreed a further extension to the Brexit process, roughly half way between the two initial suggestions of 30th June and 31st March 2020.

BR19-015 Government Technical Notices Updates: 4 April 2019

We have added some more technical notices from UK Government to the website. These include notices on new topics as well as updates of existing notices.

BR19-014 - Increasing preparations for a No-Deal Brexit Outcome: 3 April 2019

With Westminster still unable to deliver a positive view on how it will proceed on delivering Brexit before the 12th April deadline, AIC feels it now has little option but to suggest to members that the prospect of a no-deal outcome has now risen in probability.

BR19-013 No-Deal Organic Import Documents now available: 2 April 2019

Defra has now issued information relating to the import of organic produce which will be needed in the event that the UK exits without a deal on 12th April.

BR19-012 UK continues no deal preparations: 28 March 2019

Whilst Parliament yesterday approved the extension of the Brexit deadline to 22nd May (or 12th April if a deal cannot be agreed by MPs), the prospects of a no deal scenario remain real and Government therefore continues to prepare for it.

BR19-010 UK Govt announces tariff policy – and Irish border arrangements: 13 March 2019

The UK Govt has, this morning, published its long awaited plans on both the import duty structure it will put in place in the event of no deal, alongside the arrangements for imports across the Irish border – again in the event of no deal. What follows is a first glance view of what has been put out.

BR19-009 Import tariff policy unlikely to be known until after meaningful vote: 7 March 2019

Whilst the decision on the UK’s import tariff policy has apparently been taken, no decision has yet been made on the announcement of that policy according to Liam Fox, Secretary of State at the Department for International Trade.

BR19-007 Business Impact of No-deal Exit- UK Govt assessment: 28 February 2019

The Government has published an assessment of the impact on business and trade from a no-deal exit from the EU on 29th March. Whilst forced to do so as a result of an amendment passed through Parliament, the document released is unlikely to have the full level of detail as presented to the Cabinet earlier in the month.

BR19-006 Government provides update on 3rd country roll-over trade agreements: 21 February 2019

UK Government has today issued an update on the position of the 3rd country trade agreements that it has been looking to roll-over on 29th March.

BR19-005 EU Preparedness for Brexit: 18 February 2019

Whilst we have focused, for obvious reasons, on UK preparedness for Brexit, it is appropriate to consider what is happening at EU level.

BR19-004 Latest on UK import duties policy: 15 February 2019

Whilst we wait for a final decision on the policy the UK will follow for establishing import duties post-29th March, we are getting one or two more clues as to what it might be and when we might have it.

BR19-003 UK import tariffs, more discussion but no decision – yet!: 6 February 2019

The issue of import tariffs has, once again, been in the news today with a number of arguments played out, contrasting protection of jobs and businesses against lower prices for consumers across a range of business sectors. This has been interspersed with claims that import duties protect inefficient business and hold back innovation, set against the counter claim that removing duties means a race to the bottom on standards.

BR19-002 AIC present at meeting with Michel Barnier: 5 February 2019

In his capacity as President of the EU Trade Organisation, CELCAA, Paul Rooke led a delegation from CELCAA, COPA-COGECA (EU Farmers/Co-op) and FoodDrink Europe (EU Food Manufacturers) in a meeting with the EU’s Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier on 4th February.

BR19-001 Brexit - State of Play: Business Preparedness – Port of Dover: 30 January 2019

Whilst there was a considerable amount of activity in Parliament on Tuesday evening, it is less clear how the UK’s departure from the EU has been developed, advanced or even delayed as a result.

BR18-023 Trading with the EU in the event of a ‘no deal’ – EORI number: 21 December 2018

Over the past couple of weeks HMRC has been writing to those businesses it knows currently trade within the EU, explaining the need for an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) registration to continue trading after 29th March 2019.

BR18-022 Association position on UK/EU Withdrawal Agreement - template letter from members to their local MP on deal/ no deal: 3 December 2018

Following questions from members the AIC Board was asked to consider what position AIC should take ahead of the Parliament vote on 11th December regarding the EU Withdrawal Agreement and the political declaration on a future trading relationship between the UK and the EU.

BR18-021 Political Declaration on Future Trade Arrangements: 26 November 2018

With the EU Heads of State having now signed off the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration on Future Trade Agreements, attention will be solely on Westminster for the next few weeks. The political declaration document published on 22nd November sets out the intentions for future negotiations which aim to conclude with a deep and comprehensive free trade agreement. Whether this can be achieved before the end of the transition period remains a significant challenge.

BR18-019 AIC Statement on Agriculture Bill: 12 September 2018

In response to the announcement of the Agriculture Bill’s imminent publication – due on Wednesday immediately after Prime Ministers Questions, AIC has put out the following public statement. We will have a more detailed analysis of the Bill in due course.

BR18-020 The Agriculture Bill – England, Wales and Northern Ireland: 12 September 2018

Defra has now published the draft Agriculture Bill ahead of its journey through parliamentary procedure with the aim of it being enacted before 29 th March 2019.

BR18-018 Rules of Origin - Industry Report: 7 September 2018

One of the more complicated areas to be resolved under the Brexit negotiations relates to Rules of Origin – these are the criteria needed to determine the national source of a product. Their importance is derived from the fact that a number of factors, such as duties or preferential access arrangements can depend on the source of imports.

BR18-016 Brexit “no Deal” papers – first tranche published: 23 August 2018

The Government has published the first in its round of ‘no deal’ preparedness papers. From a Defra perspective the first four papers published today focus on Farm Payments, GM authorisations, Organic Food and Rural Development Funding.

BR18-017 Brexit “no Deal” trade and business papers – first tranche published: 23 August 2018

Following on from the previous Briefing related to Defra issues, this briefing summarises some of the points relating to business issues more generally, as covered in more of the no deal Technical Notices which Government has published today. These focus on Trading with the EU, VAT, classification of goods and trade remedies.

BR18-015 More detail emerges on Brexit White Paper Issues: 3 August 2018

Following publication of the Brexit White Paper, AIC has been involved in a number of discussions involving officials and other industry stakeholders. A number of points of interest have emerged from these meetings and are set out below:

BR18-014 Latest EU Commission publication on Brexit Withdrawal Agreement: 20 July 2018

The latest Brexit related communication from the Commission continues the theme of preparedness for a ‘no deal’ situation. The focus remains on the Withdrawal Agreement – the text of which is 80% complete. This is the document which is scheduled to be agreed and completed before March 2019 and which would allow the UK to leave with the agreement of a transition period to December 2020.

BR18-013 Govt White Paper on EU Future Relationship: 13 July 2018

The UK Government’s White Paper on a proposed future relationship with the EU, the subject of the Cabinet Chequers ‘away day’ on 6th July, appears to put greater emphasis on agri-food trade than Defra’s ‘Health and Harmony’ command paper provided.

BR18-012 Cereal Import tariffs, TRQs and potential Brexit effect: 5 June 2018

As a follow on to the recent EU proposal on apportionment or TRQ quantities (BR18-011), this is an aide memoire on the current main cereal TRQ situation.

BR18-011 EU proposes WTO Tariff Rate Quota splits: 30 May 2018

The EU has published a proposal for the splitting of tariff rate quotas (TRQ) within its current WTO schedule as a result of the UK leaving. This means the current TRQ tonnage total for EU 28 will now be split between the UK and EU 27.

BR18-010 Health and Harmony Consultation – AIC response: 3 May 2018

Please find attached the final version of the submission AIC has made to the Defra consultation on ‘Health and Harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit’.

BR18-009 Consultation on “Health & Harmony: the future for food, farming & the environment in a Green Brexit” – preparing the AIC response: 3 April 2018

Attached is a summary of the points contained within the Defra consultation document ‘Health & Harmony’ on future domestic financial support for the agricultural sector.

BR18-008 Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Progress: 20 March 2018

With the announcement yesterday of progress on the draft Withdrawal document, there is an expectation that the EU Council meeting on 22 and 23rd March will confirm negotiations can move forward to discussing the longer term trading arrangement which would operate between the UK and the EU.

BR18-007 Brexit and Contractual Arrangements: 16 March 2018

In response to queries from members and in consultation with the Contracts & Arbitration Committee, AIC has produced the attached guidance note setting out where it sees the current position on contractual arrangements beyond 29th March 2019.

BR18-006 Health & Harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit: 27 February 2018

The Government’s awaited ‘Command’ paper on future domestic agricultural policy was published today. Its direction has been extensively trailed over the past few months, not least in speeches made by the Secretary of State at both the Oxford Farming Conference and the NFU AGM.

BR18-005 Developing discussions with Defra: 20 February 2018

Recent discussions with Defra have covered a number of topic areas as set out below:

BR18-004 The Voice of the Food Chain: 12 February 2018

Members may have seen in yesterday’s Sunday Times an article about Brexit and the food chain, which was underpinned by a letter co-signed by a number of Trade Associations including the AIC

BR18-003 Trade Assurance Schemes post-Brexit: 9 February 2018

A potential area of concern for the Agrisupply sector post Brexit is the continued recognition of UK based schemes after March 2019 and any subsequent transition period.

BR18-002 2018 Negotiations Timetable and EU Presidency View: 25 January 2018

A recent Celcaa meeting with the current EU Presidency (Bulgaria) has helped to set the current EU view, and timetable in some context.

BR18-001 Oxford Farming Conference – Michael Gove’s Speech – A Personal View: 18 January 2018

There was a general consensus amongst those attending the 2018 Oxford Farming Conference at the beginning of the month that the Secretary of State’s Presentation was a significant improvement on his predecessor’s – but what did he actually say?

BR17-010 Latest views from Article 50 Task Force: 3 November 2017

As part of its work through EU organisations, AIC recently met with the Article 50 Task Force, ahead of similar meetings with UK officials, the purpose being to convey the current views and analysis of the EU wide agri-trade sector.

BR17-009 Brexit and the WTO – confusion continues: 29 September 2017

As the head of a Celcaa delegation, AIC has been involved in a range of bilateral meetings this week at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Public Forum, including meetings with the WTO Secretariat, EU and UK missions and a range of EU and non-EU WTO members.

BR17-008 Bridging the 3rd Country trade deal gap: 5 September 2017

The Prime Minister has confirmed the UK would like to extend current 3rd country trade arrangements after 31st March 2019, for a limited period of time to avoid the same ‘cliff edge’ that is talked about in relation to the UK/ EU trade position.

BR17-007 Brexit Briefing No. 5: 10 August 2017

The 5th note in this series looks at some of the headline issues of the last few weeks as well as focussing on some of the detail which is now being discussed with officials.

BR17-006 Getting a view from the other side of the table: 18 May 2017

Brexit negotiations from an EU perspective are being led through a task force under the EU’s lead negotiator, Michel Barnier. This Article 50 Task Force has been very active over the past couple of months, hosting meetings with a range of EU stakeholders, including CELCAA, COCERAL and FEFAC.

BR17-005 Brexit impacts on economic and business prospects for Northern Ireland: 21 April 2017

Members may be interested in this article from BBC Radio 4’s In Business programme. Of particular interest to members will be the interview with Declan Billington of John Thompson and Sons Ltd.

BR17-004 World Trade Organisation – Q&A: 7 April 2017

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) features in Brexit discussions on a recurring basis. The Q&A below is designed to give a reference guide to some of the issues linked to WTO.

BR17-003 European Free Trade is vital during Brexit transition – AIC Board: 5 April 2017

Attached is a press release which has been published today following a meeting of the AIC Board.

BR17-002 Agri-Brexit Coalition: Uniting voices on agricultural supply, trade, technology and advice: 13 March 2017

AIC is one of the eight co-founders of the Agri-Brexit Coalition, which comes into being this week and has been created specifically to deal with issues pertinent to AIC Members and others involved in the agrisupply industries and professions.

BR17-001 AIC Brexit Briefing No.4: 2 March 2017

Our fourth AIC Brexit Briefing reflects on some of the challenges we will face as negotiations for the UK’s Exit of the EU look set to begin.

G17-026 Brexit: environment and climate change report, from The House of Lords: 15 February 2017

The House of Lords European Union Committee has published its report (with summary) on Brexit: environment and climate change.

G17-018 UK Government White Paper on Exiting the EU published today: 2 February 2017

Following the House of Commons debate on the European Union Bill and subsequent vote on the 1st February, the Government has today published its White Paper “The United Kingdom's exit from and new partnership with the EU”. The document mirrors the 12 principles set out by the Prime Minister in her speech on 17th January as reported in our members brief G17-008 .

G17-019 International Trade Committee - Inquiry into UK-US trade Relations: 2 February 2017

The House of Commons International Trade Committee is launching an inquiry into US-UK trade relations, full details can be found on the Parliamentary website here in summary: | Scope of the inquiry

G17-008 Prime Minister's Brexit speech: 17 January 2017

Today's long awaited speech by the Prime Minister did little more than confirm the leaks;  the UK will leave both the single market and the Customs Union and the focus will now be on negotiating free trade agreements with both Europe and beyond.

Health and Harmony Consultation – AIC response

527kb PDF

AIC Response to Health and Harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit