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AIC policy work falls into two main categories, environmental policy and external policy, covering a range of issues from CAP and Biotechnology to Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas mitigation. Paul Rooke is Head of Policy, External Relations and works with Jane Salter Head of Policy, Environmental. 


G19-003 The draft Environment Bill - aims and purpose explained: 17 January 2019

Further to details circulated on 21 st December (G18 077) the team at AIC has read through the provisions of the Draft Environment (Principles and Governance) Bill which will put into place: | the new internal UK governance procedure for the environment, outside the EU embed environmental considerations into all relevant policy making hold Government today and, in the future, to account to deliver Defra’s 25 Year environment plan - just as the existing Committee on Climate Change does in keeping Government on track to meet its Climate Change Act targets The Bill will not regulate business.

AIC calls for EAT Lancet report to be taken in moderation: 17 January 2019

Recommendations generated by the EAT Lancet Commission report will need to be used wisely to help to address the twin challenges of adequate food consumption and climate change, says Robert Sheasby, Chief Executive of the Agricultural Industries Confederation.

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AIC has a website dedicated to Brexit providing a wide range of useful information, including regular briefings, meeting reports, sector priorities and links to information from other organisations and stakeholders.

Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

The European Commission's proposals for the future direction of the Common Agricultural Policy praised EU agriculture as one of the world’s leading producers of food and one that guarantees food security for over 500 million Europeans, it swiftly moved on to say EU farmers are “the first steward of the natural environment.”

Climate Change

Over the next 40 years, the global food system will have to feed more people with less impact.  This will mean providing a higher quality diet whilst dealing with greater competition for land, water and energy and the economic and political pressures of globalisation as the climate changes.

Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE)

The Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE) encourages farmers and land managers across England to protect and enhance the environmental value of farmland, through environmental measures that sit alongside productive agriculture.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Training and skills development (Continuing Professional Development or CPD) and its contribution towards sustainable growth, the economy and wider society are high on both the agricultural industry and government agenda.

Water Framework Directive

AIC has a well-established active role in helping to reduce the pressure of agricultural nutrients (nitrate and phosphorus) and crop protection products on the water environment.