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Grain Passport

The Grain Passport was originally developed to allow end users to identify what post-harvest treatments had been applied to grain. A voluntary system, it is used across the whole UK grain system. Its use is now referenced in grain assurance systems and the passport was extended to address certain sustainability issues under the Renewable Energy Directive.

In March 2016 AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds published the report of a pilot study conducted over two years into the feasibility of moving the grain passport onto an electronic format. The report showed a range of opportunities but also technical challenges. Any move would be based on industry agreement, therefore at this time the paper based passport will remain in place.

Combinable Crops Passport 2011

78kb PDF

Combinable Crops Passport for download / use. Includes explanatory notes on new passport requirements.

Combinable Crops Passport - Notes

915kb PDF

Information notes for the Grain Passport
A voluntary system, it is used across the whole UK grain system.

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  1. AIC Passport Poster Guidance 2018


    The Combinable Crops Passport is designed to improve the traceability and assurance status of combinable crops. It is important to note that incomplete or incorrectly completed passports may lead to rejections and delays at delivery destinations.

  2. Combinable Crops Passport and Sticker Guidance 2018


    There are various stickers which are to be found on the top right hand corner of the “Post – harvest treatment declaration” or “combinable crops passport”. Some schemes have stickers and others have passports with preprinted stickers already on.