21 Jul 2020

PVR Quality Mark

AIC is, through its Seeds Sector Chairman, working with BSPB to develop a quality mark for Plant Breeders’ Rights. The concept is being driven by the idea of a promotional campaign for seed based breeding, innovation and quality. Improving the understanding of Rights for plant breeding, the protection of income for the plant breeding sector, is a key requirement to maintain the levels of investment in plant breeding research – crucial for new product development.

The objective is to harness a trade mark logo as another form of intellectual property which will:

  • Stimulate awareness of the value of PVR, which is the result of innovation and investment in breeding;
  • Promote understanding of, and trust in, the rigour of the testing and certification. Seed production processes; and
  • Signify a proven and unique innovative product.

Creating this awareness will also facilitate product differentiation, improving the brand value of PVR, which is an important aspect ahead of possible changes in European legislation that may challenge the established norm of DUS, registration and certification.