24 Dec 2021
by Gillian Barrow

Logistics UK - monitoring the impact of Covid-19


Logistics UK is working with the Department for Transport (DfT) to monitor the impact COVID-19 is having on transport operations. We are asking members for help in capturing information by providing feedback as regularly as possible, through the festive period. We would like you to consider 7 questions:  


  1. Are you experiencing absences in your workforce, as a result of COVID-19? Have these increased over the past week (or since you last provided us feedback)?  
  2. Which roles within your organisation are being affected (eg, HGV drivers or warehouse operatives) and how many people are absent from work in your business because of COVID-19?  
  3. Are you experiencing geographical variances in absence across your organisation, if so where is this most acute and why?  
  4. If you are experiencing problems, which product movements or aspects of service delivery are most affected?  
  5. What would be the impact on your operation if you had 10%, 15% or 25% absence rates?  
  6. How would your operational contingency plans differ at these corresponding levels of absence (see question 5 above)?
  7. Are there any other specific concerns regarding the impacts that you are experiencing that you would like us to feed back to DfT, eg, availability of COVID-19 testing?


If possible, please reply to these questions as often as you can over the next few days – this will help us understand the ever-moving picture and brief government accordingly. Send your responses to our dedicated email address, [email protected].


All responses to the survey are confidential and will not be shared in any way that could identify either individuals or businesses. Logistics UK will comply with GDPR and relevant data protection laws.

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Gillian Barrow

Gillian Barrow

Technical Manager, AIC Services

Gill Barrow is Technical Manager for AIC Services. Gill is based at AIC Head Office, Peterborough and is responsible for the management and coordination of the AIC assurance scheme TASCC.

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