14 Jan 2022
by Roberta Reeve

Home Office public consultation on potential amendments to precursor controls legislation


The Home Office are requesting input on potential amendments to the Poisons Act 1972 which implements controls on explosive precursors including fertilisers such as Ammonium Nitrate.   The aims of the proposals are to enhance capabilities to detect terrorist activity involving such materials and to control and safeguard their use.

These amendments could impact on FIAS in terms of ammonium nitrate becoming a regulated precursor material, changes to suspicious activity reporting and other areas.

In summary, there are 3 options proposed:

·       Option 1             No change

·       Option 2             Strengthen and clarify measures within legislation including verification of identity, proof of professional use, reporting of suspicious activities within a specified time period and detailed responsibilities for on-line marketplaces

·       Option 3             As Option 2 along with addition of materials to the regulated explosive precursors list including Ammonium Nitrate and a requirement to make suspicious activity reports via a portal or phone

Full details of the consultation are available here: Amendments to the Poisons Act 1972 - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

AIC are reviewing the consultation documents in detail and will seek further clarification from the Home Office where potential impacts on FIAS are unclear. 

AIC will submit a response on behalf of members following discussion with the FIAS committees and Fertiliser Sector.  Your comments and input are welcomed.

Members and participants are also encouraged to submit their own responses to the consultation.  The Home Office are keen to collect relevant data to allow full consideration of the proposals. 

The consultation is open for responses to March 10th and these may be made online via the link above or, via post using the attached document to

Poisons Act Consultation, CBRNE S&T Unit, 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF






Roberta Reeve

Roberta Reeve

Technical Manager, AIC Services

Roberta Reeve is Technical Manager for AIC Services. She is based at AIC Head Office, Peterborough and is responsible for the management and coordination of the AIC assurance schemes.

Prior to her role with AIC, Roberta was employed in a variety of development, technical & operational roles in the food industry covering heat processed, chilled & ambient foods.
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