23 Nov 2020

FIAS 2021 - Key changes summary

This document provides a summary overview of the key changes made to the FIAS standard 2016 for the next issue in place from April 2021. It should be read in conjunction with the relevant section of the revised standard; for convenience clause numbers from FIAS 2016 are also provided.

General changes

The separate standards for business type have been combined into one document containing the sections

  • Scheme rules
  • General requirements for all participants (G)
  • Fertiliser Manufacturing and Packing (MP)
  • Storage (S)
  • Product sales /Merchanting (M)
  • Transport (T)
  • Appendices

Within each section, clauses have been renumbered to include the section letter e.g. G, T etc. The layout with columns for requirement and guidance remains the same.

The abbreviation R where a Record is required remains the same. An abbreviation T has been added where template documents will be provided on the AIC website.

The standard is presented as an on-line document on the AIC website with active links to definitions, appendices and relevant external information websites. Printed copies will be available on request and participants are encouraged to use on screen or print as required.

Key changes to sections: (note – FIAS 2016 clause number given in brackets for reference)

1. Scheme rules – rewording with minimal content changes to match certification body performance
indicators and other AIC trade assurance schemes.

2. General requirements

  • G1.1 (clause 1.1) Expansion of supply chain description.
  • G1.3 (clause 1.2) Addition emphasising the responsibility of the owner of the goods to ensure compliance at each and every stage of the supply chain.
  • G2 – G6 (clause 2.1) Management commitment: requirements summarised, reordered and management review clarified. Title of “designated person” given to member of staff responsible for FIAS.
  • G6 (clause 2.5) Content of training records added and further guidance; requirement for minimum of designated person to complete AIC i-learning or equivalent training. Moved to join with Personnel section to improve flow.
  • G7 (New) Procedures – general requirement and applies to all scopes
  • G10 – G11 (clause 2.3) Risk assessment name changed to “business process assessment” to distinguish from Health and Safety Risk assessment. Section detail reduced; supporting information and templates moved to appendices and FIAS website
  • G12 – G17 (clause 2.4) Split into different sections to improve flow.
  • G16 (clause Derogation procedure for non-FIAS contractors combined with non-FIAS merchants and updated. 16% N and above limit removed from text – derogation applies to all non-FIAS. Maintenance of approved status requires an annual audit including, for stores, an inspection; list of approved contractors/merchants to be held by CB.
  • G18 (clause 2.6) Guidance updated re internal auditors and template audit sheets referenced.
  • G19 (clause 2.7) Documentation requirements listed; retention time of minimum two years specified.
  • G20 (clause 2.8) Removed reference to EU legislation for reporting of suspicious activities and added reference to Explosive precursors legislation.
  • G21 (clause 9) Section moved to a general requirement; responsibility for product recall activities through supply chain specified.
  • G23 (clause 2.11) Reworded and guidance updated.
  • G24 (clauses 3, 2.4.3) Combined clauses to cover importing.
  • G25 (New) Section added on DRT certificate requirement.

3. Fertiliser Manufacture and Packing

  • MP1 (clause 4.1) Guidance updated; name of process flow chart changed (appendix 6) and compatibility reference added
  • MP4 (clause 4.4) Guidance legal reference updated
  • MP6 (clause 4.5) Requirement for contingency plan for DRT failed AN material specified
  • MP7 (clause 4.7) Reference added in guidance to enforcing authority
  • MP8 (clause 4.8) Traceability guidance moved to requirement; guidance documents updated

4. Storage

  • This section combines clauses 5 and 6 under “Storage”.
  • S1.1 (New) Definition of storage added here and reference Appendix 3
  • S2 & S4 (clauses 5 and 6) references updated to describe raw materials and finished products
  • S4 (clause 6.1) “Outside storage yards and quaysides” specified in requirement
  • S4.2 Approval derogation for contractors specified and related to G16
  • S4.3 (clause 6.2.1) Guidance combined with requirement
  • S4.4 (clause 6.2.2) Guidance combined with requirement
  • S5 (New) Operation of bulk storage bays – requirement specified for identification and product change cleaning
  • S6 (clause 6.3) Guidance removed
  • S7 (clause 6.4) Checks on collection clarified

5. Product sales and delivery/merchanting

  • M1.1 (clause 7.1.1) Explosive precursors added to requirement
  • M1.3 (clause 7.1.3) Approval derogation for merchant customers specified and related to G16
  • M1.6 (clause 7.1.7) Explosive precursors added in requirement and suspicious activity reporting routes added
  • M1.9 (New) Reference added regarding on-line sales of fertilisers
  • M3(clause 7.3) FACTS information updated in requirement and guidance given on confirming current status
  • M4.1 (clause 7.4.1) Approval derogation for delivery contractors specified and related to G16
  • M4.2 (clause 7.4.1) Contact details specified as requirement for information provided to hauliers

6. Transport

  • T1.1 (clause 8.1.1) Guidance added that use of Trade Assurance checker is acceptable
  • T3.1 (clause 8.1.3) Wording of clause changed to list “Dangerous Goods information” instead of “Emergency instructions in writing” as part of information to be passed to drivers regarding transport requirements
  • T4 (new) Separate clause added to cover driver PPE and communication requirements
  • T6 (clause 8.3.1) Requirement for copy of operator licence removed – basic check still required and guidance given where to find on -line.
  • T7.1 (clause 8.3.2) Guidance reworded
  • T7.2 (clause 8.3.3) Wording updated to include ADR requirements and emphasis on driver checks for loss or damage
  • T7.3 (clause 8.3.3) Requirement and guidance reworded to relate to ADR
  • T8.1 (clause 8.3.5) Guidance added re delays to be considered in business process assessment.
  • T9 (clause 8.4) Requirements clarified for change of address by customer, recording of quantity discrepancy and responsibility of the receiver to provide a signature, solid or liquid deliveries to farm.
  • T9.3 (clause 8.4) Requirement for full printed name emphasised

7. Appendices:

  • Appendix 1 Legislation: References reviewed and updated.
  • Appendix 2 Codes of practice and guidance documents: References reviewed and updated.
  • Appendix 3 Definitions: Additions for business process risk assessment, company, product recall, storage, suspension fertiliser and traceability.
  • Appendix 4 Records : Updated to reflect numbering and changes in Standard.
  • Appendix 5 Contact details : Reviewed and updated.
  • Appendix 6 Product Development Process Flow – name change.
  • Appendix 7 Guidance for compliance with the Dangerous Substances (Notification And Marking Of Sites) (NAMOS) Regulations – layout change only.