20 Jan 2022

FEMAS Training

Feed Material Assurance Scheme (FEMAS) training courses are delivered in-person by Kiwa Training and are available to participants and those considering FEMAS certification.

The course is designed to give participants a full understanding of the FEMAS Standard and general feed safety requirements. The course is divided into the sections of the Standard, though it also includes key topics such as a review of previous feed safety incidents and the development of FEMAS, Scheme Rules, Sector Notes, key legislation and how FEMAS is audited.

There will be open courses, held in locations based on demand, but Kiwa Training will also offer FEMAS training at businesses which can be tailored to specific product sectors.  Remote or virtual options are also available.

If you would like further information, please contact Kiwa Training directly on 01423 878 875 or email [email protected]

2023 FEMAS Participant Training Remote Courses FB - LM.pdf FEMAS Training leaflet_085516344.pdf


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