07 Jan 2022
by Gillian Barrow

Drivers' Hours Relaxations


The current Drivers’ Hours relaxations are due to lapse on Sunday 9 January 23:59. The exemption is still being reviewed as to whether Drivers’ Hours relaxations are required due to the increased infection rate brought about by the Omicron variant and a decision on this is due to be made on 10 January.

This means there will be no Drivers’ Hours relaxations in place on Monday 10 January. Please find attached guidance that shows the rules which are applicable in an emergency setting.

An update will be provided on Monday 10 January.
Drivers' Hours Emergency Guidance.pdf


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Gillian Barrow

Gillian Barrow

Technical Manager, AIC Services

Gill Barrow is Technical Manager for AIC Services. Gill is based at AIC Head Office, Peterborough and is responsible for the management and coordination of the AIC assurance scheme TASCC.

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