29 Nov 2013

Bright Crop - inspiring the next generation

The cross-industry Bright Crop initiative is helping to inspire new talent to explore the wide choice of careers in farming and food supply. Currently, 1 in 7 people who are employed work in the farming and food industry and it is estimated that 60, 000 new people will be required to work in the industry by 2020. Bright Crop (link to website) has been created to respond to this enormous challenge and aims to alter perceptions about agriculture amongst young people and illustrate the range of opportunities for rewarding careers, including those in the agricultural-supply industry.    

Industry Ambassadors

The initiative aims to connect with school students and their teachers through a network of Bright Crop STEM Ambassadors who go into schools and talk about their role and career opportunities in food and farming supply. AIC is encouraging Member companies to help meet the target of 1000 ambassadors to promote the wide range of opportunities within the agricultural supply industry. In early 2014, AIC will work with Bright Crop to provide training courses for those interested in going into schools as ambassadors. 

Bright Crop Ambassadors Introduction

Sponsoring Bright Crop

Bright Crop is seeking three levels of funding to achieve delivery and communications for maximum impact in schools. Supporting the initiative as a sponsor is a positive way to engage employees through the ambassador scheme and directly improve recruitment of young talent into AIC member companies. At the same time as demonstrating how responsible businesses are responding to the challenge of developing a sustainable food and farming industry.

Bright Crop sponsorship proposal

Bright Crop sponsorship proposal