20 Jul 2020

Bee Connected

Currently, best agricultural practice, as advocated by the UK code of practice for pesticide use and farm assurance schemes, requires that notification takes place when certain crop protection products are used.

Bee Connected is a simple, web-based system that can be used via a desktop or laptop computer, tablet or smartphone. Farmers can register on the system and then identify a field they are planning to spray with an insecticide by dropping a pin in the on-screen map. Then, using the drop down menus, they simply enter the insecticide they will be using, the crop they are spraying, and the date they are spraying, and a basic notification will be sent out to neighbouring beekeepers registered on the system.

Beekeepers can register on the system and simply map the location of their bee hives by dropping a pin in the on-screen map. They will then receive a notification by email when a spray event is due to take place within the vicinity of a hive. Beekeepers will be able to decide how close a spray event has to be to them before they are notified, up to a maximum of 5km. It is then up to the beekeeper to decide what action to take, if any.

tool connecting beekeepers with farmers and informing of crop protection activities nearby.

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