20 Oct 2019

A Future Agricultural Policy for Scotland

AIC Scotland’s Future Policy aims to provide both a vision for Post-Brexit Scottish Agriculture and sets out clear proposals and practical measures to enable Scottish Agriculture to succeed in the 21st century.

By working closely with industry stakeholders, including key Holyrood politicians and civil servants, we have been able to provide fresh thinking and positive policy proposals.

We address the twin challenges of ensuring Scottish farming becomes more productive and efficient as well as helping to provide some solutions which will enable climate change targets to be met.

AIC Scotland agrees with the industry consensus here in Scotland of the fundamental need for Government to continue to support and invest in the agricultural industry, both to make it more financially and environmentally sustainable but also to recognise the multiplicity of downstream benefits which result from a productive farming base.

This productive farming base underpins a wide range of jobs throughout the supply chain and indeed underpins Scotland’s world-renowned food and drink export industries.