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Member Briefings


G19-063 £22 million awarded to farmers to boost productivity 28 Oct 2019

Herewith a relevant press release from Defra today: | £22 million awarded to 3,677 farmers to spend on time-saving and innovative farm equipment Deadline of midnight 10 November for farmers to accept ahead of ordering their items from suppliers More than 3,600 farmers are set to benefit from £22 million in productivity-boosting equipment from round two of the government’s Countryside Productivity Small Grants scheme.

G19-062 Red Tractor PDF Grain passport trial 25 Oct 2019

Members and trade assurance participants are to be made aware of the PDF Passport Trial which is to be conducted by Red Tractor. Further information can be found in the attached document.

G19-060 Status of GTAS Merchants - Change to recognition date 24 Oct 2019

Further to the publication of the updated recognised scheme lists (see G19-055 and G19-56), the date of removal of recognition has been extended.

G19-061 Engaging in developing the National Food Strategy 24 Oct 2019

Thank you to all members who took the time to have a conversation or send comments on AIC's input to the National Food Strategy, England. Hopefully we have pitched the response at the right level now enabling each business to see their part.

F19-059 APHA International disease monitoring - Report for October 2019 24 Oct 2019

Please find attached APHA’s latest report on international disease monitoring. The short report provides a summary of international notifiable animal disease outbreaks including avian diseases.

BI19-011 Business Insight Issue 17 now available 24 Oct 2019

The latest edition of Business Insight is now available and is attached with this briefing or can be found on the Business Insight website .

BR19-033 Reminder - AIC Brexit Upate Webinar 22 Oct 2019

As previously indicated AIC is running a short webinar on 23rd October in which we will aim to update on the current situation on Brexit, the events of the past week and the implications for business - as far as we will be able!  If you are interested in joining please follow the instructions below.

G19-059 New i-learning module for FIAS Merchants 21 Oct 2019

AIC Services has added a new module to its Trade Assurance Scheme i-learning portfolio to support participants of the FIAS scheme.

F19-058 NOAH Brexit - Business Readiness seminars & webinars 18 Oct 2019

NOAH, the National Office of Animal Health, has asked AIC to make our feed sector members aware of a series of Brexit webinars and seminars they are holding over the next few days.

S19-018 Guidance on the new Plant Health Regulation – in force 14th December 2019 18 Oct 2019

On 14 th December 2019 the new Plant Health Regulation comes into force. It is part of the Smarter Rules for Safer Food (SRSF) package of Regulations, which aim to improve protection against animal disease and pests in the food chain.