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Member Briefings


G20-093 Red Tractor Digital Grain Passport 14 Jul 2020

In June Red Tractor launched their digital Grain Passport which is available on the Red Tractor Services System to download. The system produces a pdf passport containing the growers details preprinted, removing the need to attach farm assurance stickers for presentation at intake.

BR20-015 Government update on Border controls from 2021 for import and export 14 Jul 2020

Following the announcement by the Government yesterday on updated guidance for the UK border operating model the linked (206 page) document sets out in detail how the border with the European Union will work and what this will mean for business wanting to import and export from the UK. This comes into effect after the transtion period (1st January 2021).

FR20-015 UK Trade Agreements- Status Update 13 Jul 2020

Members may be interested to learn of the current status of Trade Agreements that the UK has made in anticipation of the transitional arrangment with the EU expiring in December 2020; and also which countries the UK is still negotiating with.

S20-019 July summary of marketing seed and EU Exit 10 Jul 2020

AIC regularly communicates with Defra, and a summary of recent enquiries on the import and export of seed in relation to EU Exit is laid out below. As a reminder, at this time the UK does not have equivalence with the EU, therefore seed cannot be exported there.

F20-029 AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds Market Update 08 Jul 2020

AHDB presented a cereals and oilseeds market update to the AIC Feed Materials Supply Committee meeting held on 30th June. The presentation is attached for your information.

F20-028 Summary results from AHDB Contaminants Monitoring Project 08 Jul 2020

Attached are the results for stored samples from the 2019 harvest. Sampling was carried out in February/March 2020.

CP20-020 Plant Protection Product expiry dates as of 6 July 2020 07 Jul 2020

Please find attached the most recent plant protection product expiry date spreadsheet from CRD, dated 6 July 2020.

G20-092 Hauliers & Covid-19 Procedures 07 Jul 2020

As an industry drivers have reacted well to measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 by protecting themselves and others by following specific site rules in place.

BR20-014 EU domain names - what you need to do before the end of the transition period 06 Jul 2020

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport have published some guidance for those organisations, businesses and individuals who hold a .eu domain.

GM20-008 European Commission reduces cereals duty for maize, wheat and rye to zero 03 Jul 2020

The Commission has published this morning the COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2020/959 of 2 July 2020, fixing the import duties in the cereals sector applicable from 3 July 2020. Please find it attached to this briefing.