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Member Briefings


General G06-063 - Health and Safety - Paternoster style man-riding hoists 18 May 2006

The Health and Safety Executive has carried out an examination of the potential health and safety risks involved in the use of Paternoster style man-riding hoists, which still exist in a few feed and flour mills and maltings.

Feed F06-066 - TSE legislation - European Parliament's discussions on a tolerance for the feed ban 18 May 2006

FEFAC has advised that on 17 May the European Parliament adopted the compromise package negotiated with the EU Council regarding the modification of Regulation 999-2001 on TSEs.

Feed F06-064 - Percentage Ingredient Declaration - European Commission Proposal for a Corrective Decision to the European Parliament and Council 16 May 2006

FEFAC advise that the European Commission is to issue a proposal to amend the Compounds Directive to reflect the ECJ ruling. The Commission has indicated that the proposal could be sent to the Council and the EP as early as 12 June 2006.

Feed F06-065 - Correction to Feed F06-064 16 May 2006

Please note that the final sentence of the second paragraph should read - The proposal will therefore most likely be transmitted to the Finnish Council Presidency starting on 1st July 2006.

Seed S06-009 - 30 Tonne Seed Lots 15 May 2006

Following the EU wide increase in net load capacities for lorries, AIC made a request for a corresponding increase in the maximum seed lot size, from the current 25 tonnes to 30 tonnes. This was originally made in 2001 and the end is now in sight

General G06-062 - Media and Politicians Seeking More SFP Information 12 May 2006

As of today, Friday, 12th May, BBC1 want a piece for John Craven's Countryfile programme which will be filmed on Tuesday, 16th May for transmission on Sunday, 21st May.

General G06-060 - AIC Articles of Association 09 May 2006

Members are advised that AIC's Articles of Association have been amended

Feed F06-063 - Avian Influenza - Norfolk - Low Pathogenic Restricted Zones 09 May 2006

Further to Member Briefing F06-060, Defra has issued a Declaration ending the Combined Temporary Movement Restriction Zone and Temporary Control Zone declared in Norfolk on the 29 April 2006 and establishing overlapping Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza Restricted Zones

General G06-061 - Interim Payments Start 09 May 2006

One of David Milliband's first announcements, as the new Secretary of State, has been clearance for the payment of 730 million in interim payments, which was made known earlier today.

Feed F06-061 - Community Register of Feed Additives 05 May 2006

Revision 3 of the Community Register of feed additives was released on 2nd May.