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Member Briefings


General G06-060 - AIC Articles of Association 09 May 2006

Members are advised that AIC's Articles of Association have been amended

Feed F06-063 - Avian Influenza - Norfolk - Low Pathogenic Restricted Zones 09 May 2006

Further to Member Briefing F06-060, Defra has issued a Declaration ending the Combined Temporary Movement Restriction Zone and Temporary Control Zone declared in Norfolk on the 29 April 2006 and establishing overlapping Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza Restricted Zones

General G06-061 - Interim Payments Start 09 May 2006

One of David Milliband's first announcements, as the new Secretary of State, has been clearance for the payment of 730 million in interim payments, which was made known earlier today.

Feed F06-061 - Community Register of Feed Additives 05 May 2006

Revision 3 of the Community Register of feed additives was released on 2nd May.

Feed F06-062 - Recent EC Developments on Animal Feed Issues 05 May 2006

Animal Feed Unit at the FSA has circulated an overview of recent EU developments in animal feed legislation issues following the March meeting of the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health.

General G06-059 - Age Discrimination - ACAS Guidance 05 May 2006

As anticipated in Member Briefings G05-117 and G06-036, ACAS has released its guidance on the forthcoming age discrimination Regulations.

Grain and Merchanting GM06-015 - HGCA Enterprise Award Details 02 May 2006

HGCA Enterprise Awards provides funding of up to £50,000 for projects which use grain in alternative ways.

Feed F06-060 - Avian Influenza - Outbreaks in Norfolk 02 May 2006

Update as of 1.00pm on 2nd May 2006

Feed F06-059 - Avian Influenza - Further Update 28 Apr 2006

1. Dereham, Norfolk - At the time of writing this Member Briefing ie 16.50 hrs on 28th April and further to F06-058 of 27th April, there is no new news to report on from Defra. However

General G06-058 - New Arbitration Rules 28 Apr 2006

The former AIC Arbitration Rules dated 1 September 2005 and the NFU,NFUS,AIC Arbitration Rules dated 7 April 1997 have been replaced with one set of new AIC Arbitration Rules, which will be used for arbitrations arising from disputes involving members and non members of AIC, NFU and NFUS.