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Member Briefings


G19-079 Low Pathogenic avian influenza confirmed in Suffolk 11 Dec 2019

AIC has received notification from APHA of the following notifiable disease outbreak: | Low pathogenic avian flu has been confirmed at a commercial chicken farm in Suffolk.

G19-080 FIAS Update Winter 2019/20 edition 11 Dec 2019

The latest edition of the FIAS Update is now available. It is attached with this briefing and will shortly be available via the AIC website.

G19-081 ACT Awareness course now open to individuals 11 Dec 2019

Fertiliser sector members and FIAS participants will be familiar with the Counter Terrorism training course, ACT Awareness - Action Counters Terrorism . Access was previously only for businesses but the police have now opened the course to the public.

F19-068 APHA - International Disease Monitoring - Report 4th December 2019 10 Dec 2019

G19-078 AIC Journal Q4, 2019 10 Dec 2019

The latest AIC Journal Q4, 2019 is attached for your information. Printed copies will also be sent to all our member companies.

CP19-035 Application of Official Controls Regulation to Plant Protection Products 09 Dec 2019

The new EU Official Controls Regulation , EU 2017/625( OCR ) was published on 15 March 2017 and will apply in all EU member states from 14 December 2019, regardless of the final EU-Exit scenario, alongside the Plant Health Regulation.

S19-024 Defra run webinars for “Smarter Rules for Safer Food” 09 Dec 2019

Further to the information in S19-18 on the introduction of this regulatory package, which comes into effect on 14 th December (end of this week), Defra has announced it is running a couple of webinars to help understand the requirements for the industry.

CP19-034 Plant Protection Product expiry dates as of 6 December 2019 06 Dec 2019

Please find attached the most recent plant protection product expiry date spreadsheet from CRD, dated 6 December 2019.

F19-067 Feedmills have 4 years to comply with New Best Available Techniques 05 Dec 2019

This member briefing has been reissued with the following correction. The standard charge for Permit Reviews by the EA will be £6992.00 (equivalent to a Normal Permit Variation charge).

F19-066 Feedmills have 4 years to comply with New Best Available Techniques 05 Dec 2019

  | The BAT conclusions for the Food, Drink and Milk Industries (including a new chapter on animal feed compounding, page 76-78) were published on 4 th December 2019, in the EU Official Journal.