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Member Briefings


G19-059 New i-learning module for FIAS Merchants 21 Oct 2019

AIC Services has added a new module to its Trade Assurance Scheme i-learning portfolio to support participants of the FIAS scheme.

F19-058 NOAH Brexit - Business Readiness seminars & webinars 18 Oct 2019

NOAH, the National Office of Animal Health, has asked AIC to make our feed sector members aware of a series of Brexit webinars and seminars they are holding over the next few days.

S19-018 Guidance on the new Plant Health Regulation – in force 14th December 2019 18 Oct 2019

On 14 th December 2019 the new Plant Health Regulation comes into force. It is part of the Smarter Rules for Safer Food (SRSF) package of Regulations, which aim to improve protection against animal disease and pests in the food chain.

BR19-032 AIC Brexit Upate Webinar 18 Oct 2019

As previously indicated AIC is running a short webinar on 23rd October in which we will aim to update on the current situation on Brexit, the events of the past week and the implications for business - as far as we will be able!  If you are interested in joining please follow the instructions below.

G19-058 Agribusiness 2020 - 13 November 2019 17 Oct 2019

Another eventful week in politics that will impact on UK Agriculture and the agri-supply chain. The Queens Speech, Environmental Bill, possible Brexit deal/no deal, Extinction Rebellion's role in climate change action, to name but a few.

BR19-031 What does the latest Brexit deal have to say about the future? 17 Oct 2019

Whether the latest attempt at a Brexit deal can make it through the necessary institutions will, hopefully, become clearer over the coming days.

G19-056 Status of GTAS Merchants 16 Oct 2019

Further to the publication of the updated recognised scheme lists (see G19-055 ), AIC can confirm that GAFTA have announced the closure of the GTAS Scheme for Merchants.

G19-057 Good news story about Catchment Sensitive Farming 16 Oct 2019

On the day the Environment Bill was introduced to the House of Commons, it was inspiring to read the report on the success of England’s Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) advice on water quality in England.

BR19-030 no deal advice notes continue to be produced and updated 16 Oct 2019

Ahead of 31 st October the Government continues to produce both new and updated advice notes on a wide range of no-deal issues, some relating to specific product areas, others of more general business advice.  As we have done previously, these are added to the page on the AIC Brexit web area.  For information a number of the more pertinent ones are listed below together with their appropriate links.

F19-057 Updated FEMAS 2019 Standard Published 14 Oct 2019

An updated version of the FEMAS 2019 Standard has been published on the AIC website. The new document can be downloaded from the AIC website , and is identified as FEMAS 2019 V2 with a publication date of October 2019.