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Member Briefings


S16-004 NFU Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle Survey – help wanted in getting grower feedback 14 Mar 2016

The NFU is currently running a survey of farmers with the aim of quantifying the impact of Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle in winter sown oilseed rape crops this spring.

S16-003 Seed Industry Dinner - Wednesday 7th December 2016 26 Feb 2016

  | The venue for the Seed Industry Dinner, which this year will be held on Wednesday 7 th December, is now confirmed as the Royal York Hotel, Station Road in York.  We are returning for a second year on the basis of feedback from those attending the 2015 event.

S16-002 EU ‘Neonic’ ban review is delayed 18 Jan 2016

The review of the EU’s partial ban on 3 neonicotinoid insecticides which is being undertaken by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), will not now be completed, as expected, by October 2016. It is now understood there will be a delay of at least 3 months, taking the process into 2017.

S16-001 New ESTA standard now available 11 Jan 2016

The new UK European Seed Treatment Assurance (ESTA) quality scheme for seed treatment and treated seed is now available on the AIC website .  For further information, the ESTA Benefits brochure is also attached with this briefing.

S15-013 Seed Industry Dinner – 2nd December 2015 25 Sep 2015

Following notification earlier in the year of the enforced change of venue, we can now confirm the 2015 Seed Industry Dinner will be held at the Royal York Hotel, Station Road, York on Wednesday 2 nd December.

S15-012 New ESTA standard on the AIC website 22 Sep 2015

Members are to be made aware that the new revised European Seed Treatment Assurance (ESTA) standard and scheme rules are now available on the AIC website. The revised version has minor changes and these are indicated by the red text.

S15-011 On-farm data requirements for Neonic authorisation 18 Aug 2015

A recent webinar, hosted by Syngenta and involving both Bayer and ADAS, has explained some of the on-farm monitoring and data requirements set out by CRD as part of the Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA).

S15-010 Emergency Use Authorisation for Neonicotinoid seed treatments – further update on this evolving subject. 30 Jul 2015

Whilst the seed treatment manufacturers continue to develop the detail of how the Emergency Use Authorisation will work, particularly in relation to the accompanying paperwork and stewardship requirements, more information is coming through.

S15-009 Neonicotinoid Emergency Use Authorisation update 27 Jul 2015

AIC has been made aware today of the following information around the Emergency Use Authorisation for neonicotinoid seed treatment of oilseed rape.

S15-008 Neonic Authorisation – still more questions than answers 24 Jul 2015

With a complete lack of clear information relating to the emergency use application, particularly the conditions which will be placed on each part of the chain, including agronomist and seed supplier, we have attempted to set out below what we do currently understand – however the situation will change rapidly over the coming days.