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Member Briefings


S14-012 Updated Seed Multiplication Contracts Issued 13 Aug 2014

AIC has updated and re-issued its standard form Contracts for the Multiplication of Cereal Seed (Nos 5 & 6)and Pulse Seed (Nos 10 & 11). One of the main reasons for the update was to revise the clause on Product Liability which a number of members had highlighted as raising issues with insurers.

S14-011 Update on methiocarb treated oilseed rape seed 08 Aug 2014

Following further conversations with officials today, we have been informed that Defra is reviewing its intention to comment on methiocarb treated seed. The emphasis is now much more likely to be on the management and stewardship of the handling and sowing of the seed and not dealing with trading issues or calls to return seed.

S14-010 Update on Methiocarb Treated Oilseed Rape Seed 06 Aug 2014

Further to the briefing of 5 th August, we have continued to liaise with Defra via various channels and updated NFU which, in turn, has meant NFU have also pressed Defra on this issue.

S14-009 Possible Defra action on the use of methiocarb treated oilseed rape seed 05 Aug 2014

AIC has today had a conference call with CRD officials regarding a recommendation which Ministers are  looking   to make imminently on the sowing of oilseed rape seed treated with methiocarb (mesurol). It is highly likely than any announcement could be based on the desire to see methiocarb treated seed not sown and withdrawn from the market.

S14-008 Withdrawal of Neonicotinoid Emergency Use Application 03 Jul 2014

Syngenta has informed AIC this afternoon that the company has withdrawn its emergency use application for Cruiser OSR on oilseed rape in the UK for this autumn.

S14-007 Seed Industry Dinner – Change of Venue 27 Jun 2014

A change of venue for the 2014 Seed Industry Dinner, to be held on Wednesday 3 rd December, has been forced upon us by the news we received a few days ago that the University Arms Hotel in Cambridge is to close in September this year for a two year refurbishment programme.

S14-006 Emergency Use Application for Neonicotinoids 24 Jun 2014

As you may have seen from the farming press this morning (and possible some of the national press from tomorrow) an application to bring back into use one of the neonicotinoid seed treatment products (Cruiser OSR), withdrawn from the market by the EU at the end of 2013, has been under consideration by the UK government.

S14-005 Seed Industry Dinner – Wednesday 3rd December 2014 11 Apr 2014

The 2014 Seed Industry Dinner will be held on Wednesday 3 rd December. Once again the venue will be the University Arms Hotel, Regent Street, Cambridge.

S14-004 Changes to BSPB Cereal Sub-Licences 03 Mar 2014

Members will have received, or will shortly receive, an updated sub-licence from BSPB for cereal varieties. A number of changes have been made in the licence, prior notice of which was given to AIC for consideration some months ago.

S14-003 MEP’s set out to derail EU Seed Legislation Update 12 Feb 2014

The European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee yesterday came good on its threat to derail the Commission’s seed legislation update by rejecting the proposed Regulation by 37 votes to 2. Whilst it is true that the Commission’s proposals have come in for a lot of public criticism for their perceived impact on the amateur seed (garden) market, it seems the Agri Committee’s reasons owe more to the traditional power sharing antagonisms between Commission and Parliament.