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Member Briefings


S17-001 Seed Industry Dinner - Thursday 7th December 2017 04 Apr 2017

The venue for the Seed Industry Dinner this year remains the Principal York Hotel (formerly the Royal York) but the day changes and, in response to requests, will now be held on a Thursday – Thursday 7 December.

S16-013 Seed Treatment Site Operation Survey 30 Nov 2016

To help maintain the supply of seed treatment products to the seed industry in the EU, regulatory agencies have asked for a review of existing methods of application to aid approval decisions. This letter seeks your help with a survey of current seed treatment practices to be undertaken by the independent market research company (Produkt Makt) who have asked Precision Prospecting to undertake the work in the UK.

S16-012 Seed Industry Dinner, 7th December 2016 – Dress code 27 Oct 2016

The Combinable Crops and Seeds Committee has determined that for 2016 the dress code for the Seed Industry Dinner, being held on 7th December at the Royal York Hotel, will be black tie. This has been under discussion for some time and the Committee felt it was now right to make this change.

S16-011 Seed Industry Dinner – 7th December 2016 30 Sep 2016

Further to the notification earlier in the year, we now have further booking details for the 2016 Seed Industry Dinner which will once again be held at the Royal York Hotel, Station Road, York on Wednesday 7 th December.

S16-010 ESTA Participant Update 07 Sep 2016

AIC are pleased to announce that there are now eleven UK based participants in the European Seed Treatment Association (ESTA) scheme. The new companies are KWS UK Ltd, T Denne & Sons Ltd and Frontier Agriculture.

S16-009 NFU Oilseed Rape Chain Conference – November 2016 23 Aug 2016

The NFU is looking to hold a value chain conference on oilseed rape on 15 th November 2016 to cover a range of OSR relates issues such as insect pest pressure, plant protection product legislation, stewardship & water, erucic acid and biodiesel mandates.

S16-008 AIC Seed Sector ‘Brexit’ Priorities 22 Aug 2016

Following a request of the AIC Board, the Combinable Crops Seeds Committee has reviewed its priorities in terms of the negotiations which are expected to take place from 2017 onwards as part of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

S16-007 Status of cover crops under farm-saved seed rules 22 Jul 2016

BSPB has written to confirm the position of cover crops under current farm-saved seed (FSS) rules, and in particular to seek AIC’s help in ensuring all growers are aware that use of eligible varieties in cover crop mixtures is subject to the same seed regulations and FSS rules as harvested crops.

S16-006 Erucic Acid in OSR – determining seed lot content 06 Jun 2016

In a further industry conference call last week, there were further discussions on the possible origins of the sporadic high levels of erucic acid being found in some deliveries of oilseed rape to UK crush plants.

S16-005 Higher than normal erucic acid levels in oilseed rape 18 May 2016

A conference call was held at the beginning of the week to look at the apparent increase in high levels of erucic acid in double low oilseed rape that has happened over the past 2-3 months and which has been picked up at all the UK crush plants.