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Member Briefings


S17-009 Seed Certification reminder for seed from Third Countries 21 Dec 2017

Members will today have received a reminder email from the APHA with information on Seed Certification. It notes that, as detailed in the EU Seed Marketing Directives and the Seed Marketing Regulations 2011, seed packers and seed processors should provide specific information related to seed imported from Third (non-EU) Countries for marketing in the UK.

S17-008 Request for information to support spring oat seed derogation 15 Dec 2017

As a result of the challenging harvest in parts of Scotland, serious concerns have been raised about low availability of spring oat seed in Scotland.

S17-007 Seed Industry Dinner 2017 06 Nov 2017

Further to the notification regarding the Seed Industry Dinner earlier in the year I can confirm that the venue remains the same as 2016, the Principal Hotel in York. The event will, follow its successful reintroduction last year, black tie, with the timings remaining 7.30 for 8.00pm.

S17-006 Update on Mesurol seed treatment 25 Oct 2017

Bayer remains optimistic that Mesurol can be maintained for use in the European maize market beyond the 2018 maize planting season, however the company cannot entirely exclude the risk that the product might no longer be authorized for the 2019 maize planting season.

S17-005 ESA Summary of Seed Treatment legislation 16 Oct 2017

Given that the seed treatment sector is dealing with a number of issues, ESA has written a summary of the state of play around seed treatments, as well as the REFIT evaluation of 1107/2009 and an update on the ESTA scheme.

S17-004 Brexit Seed Discussions with Defra 21 Sep 2017

On19th September Defra convened a Brexit discussion to cover seed and plant variety issues with AIC, BSPB and NFU. The particular focus of the discussion was the need to have a contingency plan in place for a ‘no deal’ scenario coming from the negotiations between the UK and EU.

S17-003 BASIS Seed Sellers and BASIS Foundation Award in Agronomy courses 01 Aug 2017

For those who advise on and sell treated seed and wish to be trained and qualified through the BASIS Seed Sellers scheme, a course is available in Lincolnshire in November 2017.

S17-002 Rules on the new ESTA logo 27 Apr 2017

ESA (European Seed Association) have produced rules on the new ESTA (European Seed Treatment Assurance scheme) logo for scheme participants to follow.

S17-001 Seed Industry Dinner - Thursday 7th December 2017 04 Apr 2017

The venue for the Seed Industry Dinner this year remains the Principal York Hotel (formerly the Royal York) but the day changes and, in response to requests, will now be held on a Thursday – Thursday 7 December.

S16-013 Seed Treatment Site Operation Survey 30 Nov 2016

To help maintain the supply of seed treatment products to the seed industry in the EU, regulatory agencies have asked for a review of existing methods of application to aid approval decisions. This letter seeks your help with a survey of current seed treatment practices to be undertaken by the independent market research company (Produkt Makt) who have asked Precision Prospecting to undertake the work in the UK.