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Member Briefings


S18-010 AHDB publish guidelines to minimise risk of erucic acid in double low oilseed rape 30 Jul 2018

Through 2018 NIAB have been investigating the source of increasing erucic acid levels in double low oilseed rape. At the project meeting on 9 th July, a number of potential sources were discussed, with the final results from NIAB due out soon.

S18-009 Possible changes to Seed Certification labels 13 Jul 2018

A possible consequence of Brexit will be the need to change current official Seed Certification labels.

S18-008 No qualifed majority decision on thiram and diquat at Appeal Committee 12 Jul 2018

AIC has learnt that at today's Appeal Committee meeting there was no opinion regarding the European Commission proposal for non-renewal of approval of thiram and diquat . This means that Member States voted and there was no qualified majority for or against the European Commission proposal.

S18-007 Moving varieties from Common Catalogue to UK National List 02 Jul 2018

Varieties currently on the Common Catalogue have to be moved onto the UK National List, otherwise they cannot be marketed in the UK after Brexit.

S18-006 Development of the Recommended List 30 May 2018

The AHDB are running a survey about the future direction of the Recommended List. To investigate how it can be developed to become more useful to farmers and customers, feedback is being sought from the industry.

S18-005 Update on thiram discussions 28 Mar 2018

Last week the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (SCoPAFF) discussed a draft proposal for the non-renewal of the authorisation of thiram.

S18-004 New logos required on UK malting barley promotional material 14 Mar 2018

The Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) recently withdrew their support for the use of their logo on UK approved malting barleys by the UK Malting Barley Committee. This has come about because the IBD is now much more global than it once was, so is not associated with the UK approval system.

S18-003 Seed Industry Dinner - Thursday 6th December 2018, London 14 Feb 2018

After holding the Seed Industry Dinner in York for the last two years, for 2018 the event is moving to London. The venue is now confirmed as the Hilton London Kensington, and the event will be held on Thursday 6 th December.

S18-002 Reminder of REACH requirements around seed treatments 29 Jan 2018

Members are reminded that chemical substances that are used in seed treatments (other than pesticide substances) need to be registered under REACH by 31 st May 2018, otherwise they cannot be used.

S18-001 Advocate General opinion on mutagenesis 18 Jan 2018

AIC would like to advise members that there could be press coverage today about plant breeding, and specifically the mutagenesis technique.