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Member Briefings


S19-005 BASIS Seed Sellers course 26 Mar 2019

Members may be interested to enrol staff in a forthcoming BASIS Seed Sellers course and exam this autumn.

S19-004 Communication from Defra on Brexit and seed marketing 08 Mar 2019

As Members know from previous briefings ( S18-014 and S18-015 ) in a no-deal Brexit it will not be possible to market UK certified material in the EU. Defra have made an application to the EU for recognition of the UK as being equivalent to the EU however the Commission have stated they will not consider this application before the ongoing withdrawal negotiations have been completed.

S19-003 Erucic acid limits reducing from 5% to 2% 13 Feb 2019

On February 8 th the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals Food and Feed voted to lower the legal limit of erucic acid in certain foods from the current 5% down to 2%.

S19-002 AIC Seed Industry Dinner 2019 12 Feb 2019

After the success of the annual AIC Seed Industry Dinner in London last year, for 2019 the event is continuing with the policy of moving around the UK and heading to Edinburgh. The venue is now confirmed as The Balmoral, and the event will be held on Thursday 5 th December 2019.

S19-001 AIC success in lobbying for free ISTA seed sampling training 30 Jan 2019

As covered in Member Briefing S18-018  under a no deal scenario in order to market certified seed in the EU the UK will need third country equivalence status.  Seed would have to be OECD certified and have an ISTA Orange International Certificate (OIC). An OIC can only be issued by an ISTA accredited laboratory, with the sample taken by a sampler under the control of the laboratory.

S18-018 Brexit planning and ISTA sampling training 19 Dec 2018

In order to market UK certified seed in the EU after Brexit, the EU needs to grant equivalence, meaning that the UK has to be recognised as providing equivalent seed certification standards. This has not yet been granted, and while it is expected in due course, it is not known when this will be.

S18-017 Apply for spring bean and spring oat derogation 07 Nov 2018

Due to the very dry weather conditions in 2018, seed germination has been lower than normal. Without a derogation on germination levels, it would not have been possible to meet market demand for winter bean seed.

S18-016 ESTA - assuring seed treatment sites throughout Europe 05 Nov 2018

The European Seed Treatment Assurance scheme (ESTA) is an assurance scheme for the seed treatment industry. ESTA was devised by the European Seed Association (ESA) and requires insecticide seed treatments to only be performed in professional seed treatment facilities.

S18-015 Further Update on Brexit ‘No Deal’ preparations within the seed sector 31 Oct 2018

Following on from Briefing S18-014, which included a link to the Technical Notice produced by Defra on a range of seed issues, Defra recently held a conference call with industry bodies and devolved authorities to cover planning for a ‘No Deal’ situation ahead of March 2019.  The following is a summary of how it is believed things would operate in the event there is no withdrawal agreement: | Plant Variety Rights

S18-014 Brexit checklist for Seed sector in case of no-deal 19 Oct 2018

Whilst a negotiated deal around Brexit is strongly expected, AIC are keen that Members have the necessary information to prepare their businesses, no matter the outcome.