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S20-001 February 2020 update on thiacloprid, methiocarb and metalaxyl-m as seed treatments 03 Feb 2020

Thiacloprid – Sonido seed treatment | As covered in briefing CP20-004 the non-renewal of thiacloprid was published in the Official Journal on 13 th January 2020, with a maximum grace period for disposal, storage and use by 3 February 2021.

S19-024 Defra run webinars for “Smarter Rules for Safer Food” 09 Dec 2019

Further to the information in S19-18 on the introduction of this regulatory package, which comes into effect on 14 th December (end of this week), Defra has announced it is running a couple of webinars to help understand the requirements for the industry.

S19-023 Applications for spring bean and spring oat derogation 29 Nov 2019

Due to regional challenges around spring beans and spring oats and a number of requests from industry, AIC has applied to Defra for a derogation on germination. Defra have confirmed the formal request has been received by the Commission.

S19-022 Methiocarb: withdrawal of authorisation and use of treated seed 26 Nov 2019

The following announcement has been put out by CRD. It states sale and distribution of methiocarb must be by 3 rd January 2020, and storage, disposal and use by 3 rd April 2020.

S19-021 Market requirement for spring oat derogation 21 Nov 2019

AIC has been approached by a number of companies about a need for a derogation on spring oat germination. In order to do so we need more clarity on the current situation and expected market size.

S19-020 Market requirement for spring bean derogation 15 Nov 2019

AIC has been approached about applying for a spring bean derogation on germination again. Before we cna do that we need more clarity on the current situation and expected market size.

S19-019 Current seed treatment status of actives methiocarb, thiacloprid and metalaxyl-m 01 Nov 2019

AIC continues to press CRD for clarity on the status of sale, supply, storage and use of seed treatments containing the actives methiocarb, thiacloprid, and metalxyl-m.

S19-018 Guidance on the new Plant Health Regulation – in force 14th December 2019 18 Oct 2019

On 14 th December 2019 the new Plant Health Regulation comes into force. It is part of the Smarter Rules for Safer Food (SRSF) package of Regulations, which aim to improve protection against animal disease and pests in the food chain.

S19-017 Applications for winter bean derogation 01 Oct 2019

The certified seed industry will have received the attached letter from APHA about a temporary derogation for winter beans. AIC has applied to APHA for the Commission to be approached on this, due to the issues in germination Members have reported facing in winter bean seed lots.

S19-016 Need for 2019 winter bean seed derogation 25 Sep 2019

AIC has received requests from multiple companies that in order to meet market demand, a derogation be sought for winter bean seed. The germination level requested would provisionally be 70%, as was the case for the 2018 derogation.