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Member Briefings


Seed S06-007 - Derogations - Peas and Red Clover 22 Mar 2006

Two EU member states, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have submitted derogation requests under the new streamlined procedures mentioned in S06-005. Details of the derogations sought are given

Seed S06-006 - CEL Board - nomination sought 15 Feb 2006

There is a vacancy on the Board of Crop Evaluation Ltd, for someone to represent the interests of the grain and seed multiplication & distribution industry. This follows the standing down of the previous AIC nominated person.

Seed S06-005 - New Derogation Procedures - for information 15 Feb 2006

A new Commission Regulation has now been published which finally brings in a simplified means of obtaining germination derogations. This is something AIC and Defra have been seeking for some while.

Seed S06-004 - New Code of Practice for Plant Protection Products 06 Feb 2006

Anyone involved in the sale of treated seed and/or considering undertaking the BASIS Certificate for Seed Sellers might like to be aware of a new Code of Practice for Using Plant Protection Products which Defra is publishing on 13th February (Product Code PB11090; ISBN 0-85521-170-9).

S06-002 - NL and PBR Fees Revision 29 Jan 2006

Defra is consulting on revised fees for National Listing and Plant Breeders' Rights, effective from 1st April 2006. Because of changes, particularly the licensing of VCU trials work to industry, it is not proposed that there should be a standard increase in the fees and the overall level of fee income is therefore intended to be unchanged.

S06-001 - Unlisted Varieties - Test and Trials 29 Jan 2006

Defra is currently consulting on rules for the marketing of unlisted varieties for test and trials purposes. The ability to market varieties which are not finally listed has always existed. The rules now however have been largely harmonised at EU level and need to be implemented.

Seed S06-003 - Mr Ken Pearce 29 Jan 2006

We have been informed by one of our members of the death of Mr Ken Pearce, formerly of Dalgety International and responsible for the Seed and Pulse Desk. Ken specialised in the import of grass seed from the southern hemisphere, particularly New Zealand. He retired from Dalgety International in the mid-1980's

Seed S05-022 - New Contract for Certification Labels 31 Oct 2005

Following a tender exercise and a visit to the shortlisted companies, undertaken by AIC and Defra, a contract for the provision of seed certification labels is now being awarded to the company DSR Print Management Ltd of Northampton.