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S20-011 Extension of deadline for spring sown seed crop entries to 22nd April 15 Apr 2020

AIC has been in regular communication with APHA over past weeks putting across the need for an extension to the 15 th April deadline for spring crop entries.

S20-010 Marketing linseed before completion of official disease tests permitted this Spring 06 Apr 2020

Recent discussions with Defra have highlighted that there is an urgent need to allow the marketing of linseed seed before completion of the official disease tests. This is to allow seed to be marketed in time for planting.

S20-009 Changes to seed certification and inspections due to COVID-19 06 Apr 2020

AIC is in regular contact with Defra and APHA, and matters discussed are below. APHA have also written to industry with further information, with the letter attached to this briefing.

S20-008 Applications for spring pea derogation 26 Mar 2020

Due to some spring pea germination issues and a number of requests from industry, AIC has applied to Defra for a derogation on germination. Defra has confirmed the formal request has been received by the Commission, and the letter to industry from APHA is attached to this briefing.

S20-007 Extension granted to derogation for spring oats and spring beans 18 Mar 2020

Due to the delayed Spring, AIC requested that Defra extend the derogation period for marketing spring oat and spring bean seed from the current 27 th March deadline, to 10 th April .

S20-006 Query on need for a 2020 spring pea seed derogation 17 Mar 2020

AIC has received requests from multiple companies that in order to meet market demand, a derogation be sought for certain spring pea seed. This is due to the delayed harvest having an impact, with observation of greater than usual declines in germination after processing, compared to the as grown germinations.

S20-005 Response from APHA on deadline for seed sample submissions to NIAB 13 Mar 2020

In view of the delayed Spring, AIC requested APHA delay the closing date of 15 th March for C1 and Pre-Basic certification seed samples to be received by NIAB, and an extension to the 15 th April deadline for submission of field names and areas of Spring sown seed crops.

S20-004 AIC Seed Industry Dinner 2020 02 Mar 2020

After the success of the annual AIC Seed Industry Dinner in Edinburgh last year, for 2020 the event is continuing with the policy of moving around the UK and will be returning to The Principal in York. The event will be held on Thursday 3rd December 2020.

S20-003 Factsheet of actions to take around plant passports and seeds 28 Feb 2020

Defra has now issued a factsheet on actions to take around plant passports and seeds under the new Plant Health Regulation. As covered in S19-018 this Regulation came into force on 14 th December 2019.

S20-002 Views sought on a change to the Seed Certification label 11 Feb 2020

Under the Plant Health Regulation, it is a legal requirement that companies processing seed that requires a plant passport (and this now includes oilseed rape and linseed) can feature the words Plant Passport, and the EU flag, at the top of the certification label.